Hulk Pilot For Sale (sold)

Hulk Pilot for Sale

No Kill rights

Make me an offer =)

4b offered

5,5b and its yours

Hello, u want to buy my Hulk Pilots.

How do u think about 18b ISK for all 3 Pilots

do u agree, send me the ISK and Accountname for transfer ingame and in the Bazaar Forum

kind regards

Ill buy NukeAheead_derVierte, NukeAheead_derDritte, NukeAheead_derErste, for 16b total. Let me know.

Okay let´s do it.

Send ISK and Account for transfer ingame to Vang Dehouver.

Isk sent to Vang Dehouver in payment for NukeAheead_derVierte, NukeAheead_derDritte, and NukeAheead_derErste.

Account information sent via in-game mail to Vang Dehouver.

Thank you.

ISK received,

Character´s are transferd.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes

Thank you.

I only received two transfer emails. Did you transfer all three characters? I have not gotten the email for NukeAheead_derVierte

I have received the transfer email for the third character.

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