HYP0R1UM is here

Greetings all capsuleers!

The HYP0R1UM is a new channel for traders and hyper-netters, (btw that’s a zero, not an, “O”)

Like its predecessor, its purpose is to be a place for players to share and bet on one-another’s hyper-nets.

Furthermore, on this channel we run raffles regularly ranging in rewards from 100mil-1bil isk. The proceeds we make off this channel go back into it through giveaways.

“How are these raffles and giveaways done?”

The way these raffles and giveaways are done are through hyper-netting old-school mines, which themselves hold no value and are worthless. The reasons they are useful is because:

1.) If someone wants to cheat, they can’t outbuy other players and make off with actual giveaway prizes.

2.) They have no value and can be listed for any price on the hypernet without making the system go bonkers with green/orange pricing.

The winner of the mine will receive their prize via money transfers or contracts. The raffle prices vary depending on isk reward.

Proof of transactions:

Screenshot 2023-12-20 014342

We hope to see you there, capsuleer! o7

Now imagine having an original idea instead of just copying what The Hyper Nexus has been doing for the last year? That channel has to have done a trillion in giveaways as well.

Why don’t you put more weird random characters in your channel name so it’s even more impossible to find? lol

Now stop posting from your alt , The Hyper Nexus is a fraud they only let you in if you are big spender and they want you to spend isk to purchase their top brass nodes few players only , and their players wont buy nodes of any new player who is doing hypernets.

HYP0R1UM is new and user friendly, go for it .

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Yeah, nexus seems salty about us. They’ve been spreading disinformation and making people choose chats.

Glad you’re having fun in our channel!

Speaking of alts lol - Stay in Hyporium, stay poor. You were the one dumb enough to buy a channel with no future.

This channel drama is very strange, just stay in Nexus if that’s the one you prefer.

They do their thing, we do ours.

Dragon Fruit is a known scammer - you’ll have lots of “fun” company - GL!

I have not heard of such claims about this toon.

As far as I have seen he hasn’t even really posted nets in our channel, he won one of our giveaways though.

If he proves to be a scammer in chat in the future then he will be removed accordingly such as anyone else pulling scams.

Wow, It sure has been one hell of a month for the birth of the HYP0R1UM.

We grew fast, members chose between, “THN”, and our channel, some remained loyal and recruited friends and others choose not too stay, the original owner departed and threats were thrown around at us for false accusations once more from “THN”

As we go into the new year, we would like to welcome all the new faces who have joined us and look forward to the upcoming year.

Actually talked some stuff out with a Nexus mod and there seems too have been some misunderstandings from both sides.