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THE HYPER NEXUS Is Proud to Announce we have hit the milestone of having 100+ members in our in-game channel for One Week Straight. We are celebrating this achievement by running our largest giveaway to date: A Wyvern Supercarrier! The drawing will take place on 12/9.

*** FORMAT UPDATE *** In the interest of transparency AND giving everyone a fair shot (across all timezones) an eve-mail will be sent to qualifiers after 0000 EvE time (Friday evening / Saturday morning) This eve-mail will contain the link to the PRIVATE hypernet & the maximum amount of nodes allowed to be purchased. IF someone buys MORE than the maximum amount of nodes directed - they will be disqualified. If anyone knowingly shares the hyperlink they will be disqualified. In the event of the hypernet being ruined due to error, or foul play - a Spreadsheet with qualifiers will be generated and used as a list against RNG at to declare the winner.

The above backup plan will come into play if any qualifier does not get a chance to buy nodes due to someone else buying more than they should have.

The format is as follows:

Flash Giveaways are being held throughout the week - These are free to enter, and will be for a proxy item. In addition to winning the prize associated with a proxy item, you qualify for the free SUPERCARRIER giveaway being held on 12/9.

Additionally - Benefactors who wish to donate items to fuel this weeks giveaways will be given consideration for qualification via their charitable contributions.

  • Contact Channel admins for more information in our in-game channel THE HYPER NEXUS
  • Giveaways are ONLY Approved by channel Admins - keep the crime to a minimum - protect your shekel pouch at all times.

-Get Good Nerds


12/4 Qualifiers:

Giveaway Winners:

Bl3t - Prize: Orca, Nidhoggur
LaceyDuvalle - Prize: Paladin
Aganola - Prize: Astero
Bokusa Anne Rose - Prize: Gila, Nergal
Groupie hoe - Prize: Hulk
Jhonnys Siner - Prize: Astero
Kopfmorrgorr - Prize: Ishtar

Specific Dynamics

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I approve of this message.


you guys are the best, thank you so much!!!


Winner winner chicken dinner

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very nice (borat voice over)

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12/5 Qualifiers:

Giveaway Winners:

ContractsBruh - Prize: Gnosis, Praxis, Thons Modified Co-Processor
kitty catOrion - Prize: Gnosis. Praxis
Chas Ramidan - Prize: Damnation
Zander Fonulique - Prize: Typhoon Fleet Issue
Fretsaw Fddsa - Prize: Large Skill Injector
Edi Belle - Prize: Paladin
charrriotlyle - Prize: Widow
Vanilla Icicle - Prize: Nidhoggur

Specific Dynamics
bootytime hoover


“Try your luck and risk your Isk” - Tronchoncon

Line dropped.

amazing hypers amazing admins pump +1 Rep

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Very cool people


+1 Rep, amazing channel, great community. celebration.

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12/6 Qualifiers:

Darkzozi - Prize: Exeq Navy
dasha desturbia - Prize: Exeq Navy
Lag DeServer - Prize: Drekavac
Purpleheadedd - Prize: Drekavac
Michael Luther - Prize: Loki
MadDogMaddis Chaos - Prize: Phobos
WhighazWigBluntz Death - Prize: Monitor
Bokusa Anne Rose - Prize: Leshak
gumisamanandayo - Prize: Leshak
Lando Corvi - Prize: Paladin
Cora Knights - Prize: Golem

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Great fun! good group +1


Woooop lets go!!! Amazing Group

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Great group of people to hang with and watch Hypers pop come on by for the fun.

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12/7 Qualifiers

Biofex - Prize: Vedmak
Detonator44 - Prize: Mekubal
trickytrix Rin - Prize: Dramiel
Freya Blueberry Crash - Prize: Scimitar
Airagoth - Prize: Vedmak
RoCkEt seX - Prize: Raven
Kara Itsumi - Prize: Khizriel
FrostZone - Prize: Nightmare
duaom asda- Prize: Vargur

Benefactor & Winner!
BioShock eXiLeD - Prize: Large Abyssal Shield Booster


Lets go! Best Channel!!


12/8 Qualifiers:

Bronze Xavier - Prize: GalNet SKIN pack (Evan Amouh - PROXY for Bronze as he is AFK on 12/9)
Onyx Nightshade - Prize: Cybernetic Arm Pack, Capsuleer Elite XX SKIN pack
Neemiz - Prize: Capsuleer Elite XX SKIN pack
xi’vi - Prize: Apoc Navy Issue
Assassins’ Blades - Prize: Niddhoggur

6 Qualifier Positions Remain Open!

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12/8 Qualifiers Cont…

Qun Lao Jung’Un - Prize: Mackinaw
abaddonn abbyss - Prize: Orthrus

Osaki Prototype (Benefactor)
MMbusiness (Benefactor)
Dale Wells (Benefactor)

Nan Li Leo - Prize: Mekubal (FINAL QUALIFIER) !!