Closed Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Going to run a Hypernet Christmas Special until the 24th Starting today!
many Hypernets ranging from Supers to Titans all the way up to Faction Supers Cheaper then ever!

Updating this Post with new Raffles each Day the first Offer is up live now!

Vendetta - Christmas Special!
341m (326/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:35c04d4a-bf84-4e9c-80b0-8fb98e6cff62>HyperNet offer: Vendetta

If you want to get notified ingame about upcoming new Raffles join the Mailing List "Raffle Specials"
Merry Christmas everyone!


Status of all Total Raffles:
Nyx 23b - Christmas Special! (Finished)
479m (20/48)
2 Days
<url=hyperNet:e76fd555-b9ab-48ec-b597-7a8a7c14f9db>HyperNet offer: Nyx

100mm T2 BPO 25b - Christmas Special! (Finished)
48m (512/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:d926561b-6e78-4377-99e9-6a27e88be4d4>HyperNet offer: 100mm Steel Plates II Blueprint

Nyx - Christmas Special! (Finished)
39m (512/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:9bb02aa8-3560-4fb4-947f-85a40124c609>HyperNet offer: Nyx

Nyx - Christmas Special! (Finished)
39m (512/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:dd58c6aa-7267-405d-9021-fe31ecfe6b35>HyperNet offer: Nyx

Hel - Christmas Special!
1.375b (16/16)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:013497ae-c68e-477f-9cf8-2b7f3ccd0191>HyperNet offer: Hel

Erebus - Christmas Special! (Finished)
5.6b (16/16)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:5b2a7795-1c92-440d-b158-6bb1c65f1c67>HyperNet offer: Erebus

Vendetta - Christmas Special! - (Finished)
3.5b (11/48)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:23d17463-6db3-4f86-a11c-fb3bf86b90a2>HyperNet offer: Vendetta

Anathema T2 BPO - Christmas Special! (Finished)
253m (177/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:147e8d9a-ec02-4763-9cf3-750512073156>HyperNet offer: Anathema Blueprint

Vendetta - Christmas Special! (Finished)
390m (174/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:0045b2a6-3329-463b-aa97-cf6c80709950>HyperNet offer: Vendetta

Ragnarok - Christmas Special! (Finished)
5.6b (5/16)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:d55fcc49-c130-4c86-9784-bbc33be699dc>HyperNet offer: Ragnarok

Anathema 120b - Christmas Special! - (Finished)
234.3m (512/512)
3 Days
[07:27:50] Legit Salesgirl > <url=hyperNet:9bbfc862-e01c-41af-8fc0-087f12773323>HyperNet offer: Anathema Blueprint

Nyx - Christmas Special! - (Finished)
39m Tickets (512/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:a590f1db-58a4-453d-9c47-9504fbe83ef2>HyperNet offer: Nyx

Revenant - Christmas Special! - (Finished)
332m (248/512)
2 Days
<url=hyperNet:57bba153-4fab-4669-b4a1-5b7a33a9ab63>HyperNet offer: Revenant

Nyx - Christmas Special - (Finished)
39m (512/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:ee2d3039-9dfd-4f9d-b352-f559e5e9d6cf>HyperNet offer: Nyx

Avatar - Christmas Special (Finished)
156m (356/512)
3 Days
<url=hyperNet:f825fcd5-c5f3-417e-9985-e6b71b1cd717>HyperNet offer: Avatar


Did you mean 1.375b on the hel

ye sorry fixed it… you were not the only one to message me about that… Yikes why do so many people think I would do a 1.6m Hel… that ■■■■ would be finished before I even edit the Post :rofl:

Figured you we’re definitely not selling it that cheap

Many Raffles Finished only Vendetta up currently!

To the top Vendetta close to finishing!

to the top anathema bpo up!

Christmas day has arrived 170b revenant up!

To the top!

last day of the event thanks everyone for joining in!

Vendetta at 326 Tickets left!

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