Item sold


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Well didnt you win this for 5.5 bil on hypernet lol

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doesnt mean hes supposed to sell it cheap though

Here come his alt for defence lol

First of all, I’m not his alt.
Second, if you have an item you got cheap, do you think it should be sold to a random super cheap because it was acquired for a good price?

I know whose alt are you , and how many you got on hypernet lol

This is the only toon I use for hypernet.

But… this is this guys thread to sell on…

mans salty he couldnt win a titan for cheap and is now lashing out on people. stay in yo financial lane

LoL here come’s another HYPERNET DOG for rescue , 100% he is also alt of some grumpy old kid lols .

I have one alt and thats ibuy that

also bump, could some isd clean this???

how much should he sell it for?

Free bump!

obviously for what he paid. so 5.5b? maybe a lil extra covering contract fees

responding just cause i feel like im missing out on this epic thread, FOMO.

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