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warning. i got scammed and did not get the 10% cashback as was promised from one of his hypernets.

take note if he promises you a cashback to complete the raffle.

Here we go again… spreading false information I have multiple logs of me handing you isk and even a Free Supercapital part of deals we made … Stop spamming my Posts your Poison doesn’t belong here you losing all your isk to Gambling shouldn’t make you go out and Blame it on me disable the hypernet function and move on with ur life man.

Like wtf man you literally got a Free Hel Hull from me and now u do this…

You are scum of eve the worst of the worst… stop making ISDs work and delete ur spam all day.

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Sorry, the Hel was a bonus in exchange for me buying all remaining tickets on a titan hypernet. it was a double or nothing bet offered by you. so i do not understand what was free?

yes you did give isk in the past, and then suddenly you cut the deal with no headsup ? feeling sore i won your titans? :slight_smile:

It shows that I never break my word… I give people what they deserve and you didn’t you come back months later after an agreement was made and think everything is the same which isn’t the case. You can always mail me and ask me if the refunds are still up for you which they aren’t and yet u keep gambling and demanding isk…

Stop being a silly kid that is offended because he doesn’t get what he wants.


Even now u buy tickets on my stuff and spam “OMG he didn’t refund me” Yet I clearly told u days ago that I won’t do it anymore because u are the worst kind of human. Just stop Gambling and stop demanding something from people.

First of all, stop trying to spin you gave a free hel to me :slight_smile:

2nd, here’s the proof everyone needs, you cut off the cashback without notice because i was winnning too much of your stuff and you were sore i didnt sell it back to you WAY below market.


So just tell everyone here that they’ll have to take a much lower than average market price to receive the 10% cashback and stop complaining when people call you out :slight_smile:

and just to add, i have never ever asked you for a refund after you stated that you wouldnt return the 2b.

But it shows that I stick to my word… you got the free Hel hull even if I could have said No bye… don’t you get it those deals were made months ago… you went afk for ages come back gamble and think everything is the same… after you were gone I dropped the whole system.

You don’t call out anyone you spam posts and ingame and waste everyones time for no reason whatsoever

Well, i come back with proof and screenshots. and thats the best response you have? :slight_smile: ok dude.

What proof lmao… you literally got everything we agreed on everytime. The moment I tell you its over you get mad thats it lmao

I even had to block you ingame because of that too. So stop making ISDs work removing ur pointless spam and arguments and get some help you won’t get fed isk from me anymore :man_shrugging:

I have known Legit for years and done literally trillions of ISK worth of business with her and never had an issue. I doubt that there is much merit to your claims. Seems pretty childish to attack someone like this on the forum and in public trade channels.

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sorry, i think its you who needs help :stuck_out_tongue: you literally gamble on your OWN hypernet each time haha.

i dont think a post calling you out for not refunding 2b will be removed. stop trying to use ISD’s to lock down people calling you out.

You knew i wasnt away at all because i was going on your hypers these last few weeks, i didnt claim it back because i thought, hmm who cares about 200-300m cashbacks but the minute i drop 20b and try to claim a 2b cashout, the promo is suddenly stopped ? haha.

so just tell everyone that you offer way below market price to get the 10% cashback that you used to offer :slight_smile:

well @alocose you’re free to go on his hypers then

Ok think about it from another point of view… why would I not refund 2b but give you a free Hel hull… are u cooked or something the reason the ISDs remove it because it doesn’t belong in the forum so take ur childish behavior and take it somewhere else. make a reddit post about it and farm karma points…

again sorry, it wasnt a ‘free’ hel it was a desperation request from u to me to complete your titan raffle. you would give me a hel if i won the titan, double or nothing.


you know what. I will ignore you here now as well and let ISDs deal with you.

okay, well dont get mad because someone gave you a bad review :slight_smile:

Same, LSG is the person I go to first when I want to buy high end items, their word is gold here. Esp when you seem to be spamming around just trying to ruin her.

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Hi there. There is no rule saying that you cannot be called out. Likewise the only scams that are not allowed are Character Bazaar scams. Those are dealt with swiftly.

It’s not about calling someone out its spamming a Forum post with the same message over and over… the other ISD understood that and removed the posts already :rofl:

I have not posted in any other forum posts calling you out. :slight_smile:
sorry, ISD’s wont come to save you and just because you did something that you’d like to be erased doesnt mean its gonna go away. no matter how many billions of isk you have

and for those that want to participate and you still have your trust in LSG’, by all means go ahead with his hypernets.

just be aware, if he promises you a cashback, there’s a very high possibility that you have to sell it to him way below market price or the cashback will be denied.