Launching The Hyper Nexus

Good morning, afternoon, and evening,

We are pleased to announce a new Hypernet Channel in Eve online! The Hyper Nexus launching today! We have partnered with RooNet to sponsor a three carrier giveaway tonight. Join the channel for details. Come for the nodes, stay for the company. Connect, Trade, Hyper. The Hyper Nexus.
9 P.M. GMT

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Hows the channel going

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It’s going well, thank you. We have a nice community of people and excellent mods. Also a fairly board variety of ships on offer. There is a Raiju up now. The Hyper Nexus launch! Some propaganda :grinning:

Just a few weeks later and The Hyper Nexus is off like a rocket! 100+ in channel ALMOST 24/7

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