Why is there broker or fees on the hypernet market when you sell something… I thought it was meant to be free it may as well be like the normal market you have to buy node to sell stuff and then you get charged for selling it think you should remove the charges so that the sell makes 100% for with they sell it for

You thought wrong.

Yeah pal am guessing that should tel use there are fees instead of saying that it’s free market

Where did they say it was free?

People have even made videos explaining it.

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When they was saying that the hypernet was coming out they said that it would be a new free market I’ll see if I can dig it out

No, the update release was titled as the “Free Market Release”

But they never said the Hypernet was actually free to use.

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Player agency and the free exchange of items are at the core of EVE’s market, which itself is the beating heart of New Eden. The HyperNet Relay this was in the div blog

Yeah, that’s what’s called “meaningless flavor text”.

You should get 100% of the profits and then that would be a better option for the player’s and would be different

Haha, no.

Lol we all have to try a fast one

The isk charges provide for an isk sink, and the hypernodes are another source of revenue for CCP. I think it’s good as is.

The hypernet can be used to get more than market value out of an item. Instead of selling the item directly to a customer at fair market value, you can sell a bunch of raffle tickets whose total cost exceed the value of the item. Of course, all ticket purchasers are losers on a long enough timeline, but people will gamble nonetheless.

Also, “free market” means little to no government control. It doesn’t mean that there are no fees or taxes.

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