Hypnotic Anarchy EU PvP/PvE Null Sec Corp Recruiting Active Pilots

We are a EU PvP/PVE Corp currently based in Catch. Part of Legacy Coalition. We do small gang warfare with Tact Destroyers, Bombers, Assault Frigs, Battleship and some Battlecruiser gangs. Large scale ops with our legacy allies which include Full PvP Deployments, Large Scale Super/Cap Fights & Sov Warfare.
We own good safe space so u can easily build up enough isk & ships for pvp. Our goal is to create a fun corp that has access to great pvp. Fully upgraded systems with fortizars, refining & build structures ready to use. Access to many Keepstars.

Capital pilots needed for Super/DreadBomb/Carrier fights & crazy fun hot drops. Coalition is mainly shield doctrine.

  • Strong Coalition With Experienced Corp/Alliance Leadership
  • Large Scale Super/Cap/Subcap Fights
  • Great Community On Discord & Voice Comms
  • Very Good Safe Space With a Very Active Alliance
  • Logistics Service To Easily Get Ships From Empire
  • Capitals Made to Order plus SRP on Alliance ops
  • 40+ Bill of moon goo to mine a month

We use teamspeak/Mumble & have a very active discord community. We are looking for active pilots to help us grow & no matter what your experience is then we have a place for you.

20 Mill SP Minimum & Omega Account Status Only

For more information, please join our recruitment channel “HYPN0 THERAPY” or contact one of our recruiters -
Main Recruiter - Molun Darnus
Corp CEO - Draco Benedictus
Director - Yorku

Thank you for reading & hope to fly with you soon!

Bump, Join us for some null sec fun :muscle:

Great PvP, Great Isk Making, Great Laughs. Join us!

Recruitment Still Open!

Feel free to mail me with any questions

Corp Growing Nicely. Fast track for scottish players :smiley:

Come join us for great isk making opportunities! :beers::champagne::clinking_glasses:

Lots of fitted PvP ships for all your pvp needs

Good Systems to Mine/Rat

New players welcome who are interested in learning null sec pvp warfare.

Looking for active players to expand!

Pew Pew

Plenty of good fights to be had. Plenty of moons to mine. Join us!

EU Timezone

Recruitment Open for Null Sec Fun!

Daily PvP! :skull_and_crossbones:

Recruitment Still Open!

Alot of ISK to be made!

Daily moon mining plus good planets for PI

Lots of PvP pew pew