Null Sec PVP Corp In The Initiative. Looking For New Members!

We’re a laid back but knowledgeable group that loves a laugh and a joke on voice chat along with discord.

ISK making through industry and ratting with exploration too.

PVP through our corp + alliance ops along with a coalition that offers a ton of roams and fleet ops to get your PVP in.

Great space to mine, do exploration and make that isk we all love to get exploded later on.

What we offer:

Jump Freighter access to home and coalition staging systems.

Optional PvP Roams

Fully upgraded sov space for ratting, mining, and exploration

Knowledgeable and experienced leadership

Moon Mining

Capital and T2 construction

Ship Replacement program

Low Tax Rate

Eve is a game and we understand that here, join us here in a no pressure chilled corp and alliance to make isk and have fun together!

What we look for in our members:

Active members that are able to use Mumble and discord

Willingness to learn

15mil SP with some exceptions

Currently looking to grow our already active EU//US member base

Join ANR-K Pub or contact Qc Abrutis in game for more info!

Talk soon fellow capsuleers!

Applied Anarchy (ANR-K) Discord link to come talk to us!

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Bumpi Bumpi still recruiting!

Bumpy Bumpy!

we want YOU!

we are growing strong in EU and US TZ come shout us!

Still looking!


we want more people to join in the pew pew!

Join us for fun times <3

we fly spaceships and kill people! wanna join the fun?



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bumpy bump in the night

we want more!! 74th this week on ships killed in the whole of eve! come shoot more with us!

we love socialising and blowing things up TOGETHER we can be unstoppable!