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Posted via Alt for reasons… I’ am Looking for FRIENDS! to play with…I have been afk for the last few year, but have been playing since 2006. so I know what’s up for the most part. I am looking for the best ship, (friendship)… I am looking for a strong pvp corp that goes out together regularly and pvps.

I love hunting, not a huge fan of null block that just follow’s the FC F1 commands, although I can handle it if necessary. Love a good drunk Corp roam… Real life comes first I have a wife and a kid. I am also looking to FC occasionally., I have had some experience in null corp FCing and would like to expand my knowledge… please don’t copy and paste corp Ad, I wont even look at it.

Message Jin Tow for

would you be interested in low-sec?

We are recruiting :slight_smile:

Hi back im alagger, you can call me daddy.

I run a no ■■■■ nullsec “fake indy” corporation (pvp for the dim wited). We are looking for quality pilots like yourself to expand our content. We currently do blopsing and small gang when we have nothing to do. Nothing like farming salt and making kiddies cry until they have to wash their pants. Agartha Forgeries

Our corp has been around since 2003 and we have members that specialize in all aspects of the game.

What we offer-
*Great null sov for PVE/isk making
*Lots of PVP opportunity
*English speaking (ESL is fine)
*All timezones
*Lots of vets to help newer players
*Imperium friendly
*INIT alliance/great fcs, lots of content
*Small gang PVP
*Alliance warfare

If you are looking to try WH life give, PM me.

hi back im dad.

Im not going to recite my corp add cause you can read it yourself if your bothered too. I wouldn’t be writing here if your desires wouldn’t be met in my group and/or you didn’t fit in. We are just a bunch of good blokes from us/eu/au tzs who hang and bang and all that other stuff.

Come say hi Agartha Forgeries

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