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I’m pretty casual and looking for a good group to play Eve with. I’m more of a PVE/Indy player but not opposed to PvP. Not really looking for a large null group. My time is limited during the week, but more available during the weekends. As for me, I’m creeping up on 300m SP so can help out in various areas of the game. Please direct any replies to me in game under this character name as I don’t check the forums too often.

Thanks in advance for any replies that may come.


Hey Dude, we’re looking to grow our GOAT Farm after pushing back the Goonies.

Check us out


Agartha Forgeries is a group that focuses on providing our members with ample opportunities for isk in order for them to then grow more isk or pew pew (ussually both however). We are based in tenerifis and just finished making those poor goonies go buy our ishtars and HACs from Jita after dying in them.

Some features that we offer that you might be interested in are 0% taxed r32s and r64s, two ice systems (in our sov), and sec status in and nearby going up to -0.8 (amazing for escalations and faction spawns, as I was writing this I got a 10/10 and proceeded to get about 1.3b in drops from it).

We also do pew pew in various timezones if you end up dipping your toes in some pew pew of varying timezones if that ends up being something your interested in.

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Discord: Agartha Forgeries
zKillboard: Agartha Forgeries | Corporation | zKillboard

I look forward to seeing you in corp :wink:

Thanks to those who have posted here or mailed in game, I am however still looking. Still not looking for null sec.

Hit me up ingame. Might have a fit for you

hi there m8

just sent you an ingame mail.

Hope to hear from you


Hey, i’d love to speak with you. i think out corp would be an excellent fit. We have PVE/Indy needs and of course do a fair bit of pvp. The corp is a relaxed play as you want group with years of friendship weather friend or foe in the past.

My discord is Rots Mijnwerker#5566

Ki’TonKi_Ton, In game mail sent, we have a good match for you and lots of variety to keep you entertained. Look forward to chatting!

I appreciate all the offers, but I’m not interested in null at this time, maybe down the road but not at the moment.

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