I Beast for CSM 16

0/ Dear EVE Online community,

I am i Beast or Lussy Lou or Worst Player Ever.
My YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/worstplayerever

I love this game, solo PvP and streaming. At the moment I am one of the biggest streamers in EVE Online. My main idea for streaming is to show how playing EVE is fun.

I show the audience how different ships work, I tell how to start playing the game, so that it is interesting, how to earn your starting capital (ISK), what game updates came out,

I fly solo and in small fleets, on frigates or even dreadnoughts and just do a huge number of very different things in order to show how interesting this game is! I show why I love this game.

I play EVE Online more than 5 hours every day on two different servers (TQ and Serenity), I also visited the recently launched mobile game EVE Echoes.

One of the main reasons why I do this is to try to understand how patches affect the in-game community. How do they affect the larger community, how do they affect the less developed economy in the game, and what all this leads to.
Over the past year, I have been trying to understand why the server has significantly less low activity, such as solo pvp or small fleets.

Solo pvp here does not mean those rare people who fly on expensive ships and know everything, I mean exactly the ability of any player to undock alone and get a portion of entertainment or do it with a couple of friends.
Playing in a small fleet (group) makes you put in more efforts, but in exchange it gives you more knowledge, the more the player trains in a complex game, the more the game opens up to him.
I am not saying that everyone should fly solo or in small fleets, I am saying that everyone should have the opportunity to do it in a fun way, without a negative experience. In my opinion, this is very important for the project.

After all, no one comes into the game already being part of the alliance, and not everyone joins major alliances in their first month of the game.

I came to a lot of conclusions, I have a lot of ideas, the last year was not in vain, and for this reason I am here.
I began to understand that streams were not enough for me and I wanted to try to become a part of the CSM team. Make a difference. To try to do more for this game, more than I am doing right now.

How can I be useful for the players, CCP Games and CSM?
First of all, I keep in touch with most of the Russian speaking community in EVE Online. They are players who live in Hi sec space, Low sec space, 0.0 space, W-space and Pochven.

In addition, I keep in touch with an equally important group of players, with those who left the project. Yes, on my streams I meet a lot of players who have left our world.
The reasons why people leave the game are often not what we hear in the open spaces of reddit, for example, “my anomalies do not bring me money”, more often they are those with more complex reasons stretching from the depths of this game.

My first reason, why I would like to get into the CSM, is the opportunity to try and solve the problems that have accumulated in the game over the years, those problems that are voiced by those who are still playing and those who left the project a long time ago, but still follow it, in the hope of a change for the better.

I have a connection with these people and I can become a voice for the Russian speaking community in the CSM16.

I will give you more clarifications so that you can understand what I am talking about.
Recently, quick content has disappeared in the game. Yes, the players got the Abyss and slightly soulless arenas, but that’s not what makes this game interesting and fun for all players.

Many players want to go into the game after work and get a portion of interesting content, and now there are problems with that.
Most of the PvP in the game is large fleets that require a fleet commander, a timer, tactical tasks, certain agreements, and other complex elements.
It’s not bad, but there should be more spontaneous small fleets in the game that have something to do, much like it did in 2011 or 2016.

I would like more simple activity, since exactly that trains regular players, they start to play better and become less dependent on having a fleet commander available.

A player who knows how to play a game always gets more pleasure from the process and pleasure leads to positive emotions.
In simple terms, I would like that for those who want to go into the game after work and plunge into active gameplay, they could afford it without any problems.

Changing Faction Wars is a good example, but my ideas don’t stop there.

Why are Factional Wars So Good?

  1. It is very attractive to new players and fresh blood is the key to the success of the game.
  2. It is quite simple, and you can go into the game and instantly do something without serious preparation.

Factional wars are not the main idea, they are just a great example.
In my opinion, major battles are far from being always interesting, very often, due to the large amount of time before the battle, the conflicting parties can call on their comrades-in-arms, eventually having an advantage on one of the sides.
I want the game to have content that is different from this. It would be a great idea if spontaneous triggers would appear in the deserted part of Low sec that will force people to quickly gather fleets and play the game. This will revive the community who are not interested in 0.0 and fill huge areas of completely empty low-sec, as well as provide more spontaneous content that won’t allow players have the time to get ready, you would have to act here and now.

The second reason, that I would like to share with you, is the unknown corners of space in EVE Online.
The game develops very quickly, Drifter’s wormholes are replaced by the Invasion, and then Pochven.
For several years we saw how the great Thera appeared, and after that everyone forgot about her, since PVP filaments appeared in the game.

I remember each of these updates coming out and trying all the new content as I love playing EVE Online and my sessions are 5+ hours every day.
Most of the ideas were really cool and I am very grateful to the creators for the opportunity to try it all.

Have you ever gone on a great expedition to the Drifter’s Wormholes? Do you know the uniqueness of these wormholes and why they appeared?

All these ideas were really cool, but I think they all need some work.
Why not make the Drifter Wormholes even more interesting and attract players there? Would you like to visit them not to look at the beautiful landscapes, but to take a chance and get a reward?
All this is very simple to achieve and I have ideas.
Did you know that Pochven has its own problems that no one hears about, since Pochven’s community is very small?

I am perfectly aware of these problems, since some were discovered by my team and I would very much like to become a part of the CSM, to be closer to the developers, to draw their attention to problems that are not highlighted so vividly, because the game has corners of space where huge alliances do not live.
Unique corners of space in EVE Online allow everyone to find their favorite pastime, they must not be forgotten, problems must be solved, the balance must be observed.

The third very important point for me is the in-game balance.
Over the past years, we have seen many patches that have affected the economy, mining, production.
Is this good for you and me? Omega is worth 1.2 billion and it seems to me that everything is fine. Factional battleships began to cost good money and are now associated with strong ships, and Supers and Titans were no longer used by those who came into the game a month ago. This is the right vector.

Against the background of these changes, smaller moments were lost. Using all the ships that are in this game, I can assure you that not everything is balanced and works well.

Literally in a short period of time, cruise missiles lost their purpose compared to torpedoes, we only meet carriers when defending citadels, and EDENCOM’s ships never showed themselves in this game, although they are a very interesting idea that requires improvements precisely from the point of view of good knowledge in the in-game balance.

All these little problems can be talked about for hours.
I have flown a lot of various Dreadnoughts in small fleets, I tested the new Zirnitra, I mourn the old logi carriers that have changed due to major battles, I disagree with the changes to HACs, since they were carried out against the use in large battles and now they have lost their uniqueness and turned into the notoriously ordinary cruisers.

I have something to say and I would really like to stop changing ships only for major battles (large engagements).
If the ship is too strong in the scope of large battles, it must be changed and balanced out in a complex manner, that takes into account other uses and for this reason I am here.

At this point I will end my statement, but I will not end my thoughts and love for this game. I could spend hours talking with you on this subject, but not in the context of this CSM campaign.

My main ideas:
⦁ More spontaneous and simple content for small fleets/groups.
⦁ More active content for those who play the game for several hours in the evening.
⦁ More favorable environment for the emergence of small corporations.
⦁ Less empty space in the game.
⦁ More interesting content for newcomers to the game (fresh blood is the key to success, a fresh look is the key to moving forward).
⦁ Development of unique corners of space like Pochven, Thera, Drifter’s WH.
⦁ More complex balance changes in the game.
⦁ More thorough rebalancing of weapons and ships.

Thank you for your attention!
Make EVE Great Again!


So be it.


This is the first time i Beast has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

ладно. чисто за лопатофлот голосну.


Никогда не ходил на голосования, а теперь пойду. Бист - кандидат от народа!


может хоть кто-то возьмёт разработчиков за зад и у нас будут исправления и изменения в игре.

maybe at least someone will take the developers by the butt and we will have fixes and changes in the game.


make eve great again


You can count on me and my vote

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make eve great again


Успехов, Миш.


Специально залогинился только для того чтобы оставить тут свой голос за!


И конечно мы поддержим эти стремления!)

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Голосовать за Биста определенно не ошибка.

Voting for iBeast is definitely not a mistake.


I hope it will be interesting. You have my vote.

Ну наконец то!

I was lucky enough to be around Lussy Lou for a while. And I can call it a wonderful time, I experienced a lot of strong emotions, the joy of victories, strong excitement before difficult situations and sometimes it was defeats, but he never gave up. He is really a very interesting person and a great leader. Lussy Lou was able to gather around him a hell of a lot of interesting and strong people, not everyone is capable of this. This person has a special sensitivity. It is able to notice a large number of details that you may not see. He sees the essence of things. This always gives him a big advantage. The persistence that he shows in the game is comparable to insanity. This indicates that this person is able to set goals for himself and is able to achieve them. I am sure that his ideas have a solid foundation and they will bring a lot of positive changes to the game. Za rus’ v CSM prorvus!


I Beast Best for CSM 16

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I’m in. I think that not only russian-speaking players are waiting for such a candidate

For mother Russia!

Imagine a world where we get mainly knowlegable pilots onto the CSM instead of the dominant force of clueless players supported by nullsec empires asking for bigger keepstar logos…

Lussy Lou is a good player and from looking at the ships he has flown over the years either has a good mechanical understanding of the game or friends that do. You should vote for him if you care about making eve a better game. As an aside, even if you aren’t a Russian player think how you would feel to never be respresented, they’re a large and active portion of the game so it would be good for them to feel heard.


I love Beast EVE streams so much that make me return to game after 8 years.

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