I need a friend

I’m looking for someone who I can voice chat with to learn more about the game.


What timezone are you in?

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eastern standard time

Hey Mate if you happen to be in or close to the AU timezone, check out this corp: Australian Corp Recruiting- QuantumTech ind

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Hi Sloth,

If you have 2m+ skillpoints give Wishdokkta CEO a shout. The Riot Formation [RIOT.] may be a nice home for you.

Pretty sure he didn’t ask for a corp advert.

I’ll get on voice and help you out dude. Mail me and we’ll work out times. You don’t have to join my random corp to get my help either :blush:


Fair enough.
I only offer as I know we can help with game understanding.
No worries, hope you get the help you need.

You are welcome to get in touch with me as well typically on during estz. No strings attached.

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