Australian Corp Recruiting- QuantumTech ind


(Tekkaa) #1

QUANTUM TECH is recruiting, we are a HISEC/LOWSEC AUSTRALIAN corp looking for members,

we are looking for General PVE & PVP Pilots
putting a bit more emphasis on PVP currently, but we don’t PVP 24/7 so keep that in mind.

We have two primary doctrines that “ALL” members are required to own.
we will support you in getting there and provide training where needed.

  • but your probation in the corp hinges on you training these doctrines and buying them.

What you should expect when joining:

  • Casual Play during the week
    -Organised Ops over the weekend
    -we are part of the Australian Alliance “League of Grumpy 0ld Farts.”
  • Regular PVE & PVP fleets
  • A good group of people
  • low/null sec for PVP

What we require from you:

  • Voice comms - we use Discord
  • Regular activity (Not always, Just dont be afk 24/7)
  • Team Player
  • Live in our cosy part of space.
  • Enjoy yourself!
  • API Key
  • participation in weekend op’s
  • To Be in the AU/NZ TZ

The Alliance that Qtech belongs to is currently looking for any small AU/EU corps looking to join if your corp is interested please contact Tekkaa in game so we can discuss.

if you wish to join or require more info please evemail me & look us up in game and join our public Channell - Qtech public
or mail Tekkaa in game.

I need a friend
(Tekkaa) #2

monday morning blues

(Tekkaa) #3

recruitment open

(Scipio Artelius) #4

So I have essentially 2 main characters.

Scip is my pvp main. An Alliance Director (AU timezone Alliance) and very much focused on shooting stuff.

However, our Alliance has essentially 0 industry, which leaves my industry main operating alone most of the time. I’m looking for another Corp to put her in, but totally understand that Corps often just want a single main only and no alts.

My indy main can fly any miner from barges to Rorqual, any class of industrial from T1 hauler to jump freighters (Gallente mainly) + bowhead. She owns all of these. She has good industry/manufacturing skills and excellent trading skills. She also has about 200 of her own BPOs and can fly T3C and logistics.

I won’t move Scip out of my existing Alliance, but I am looking for something different for my indy main.

What is your stance on accepting characters, where another main is in a different Corp/Alliance?

(Tekkaa) #5

hello out there

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new forums live

(Tekkaa) #7

recruiting is open,

(Ascendo Superious) #8

Is recruitment still open

New aus tz alpha
looking for corp to join
To help guide me through new eden

(Varanik Rendz) #9

Hi there, I’m interested in a more laid back play style. Recently came back to the game(after becoming a father) and re-joined a null sec corp I used to play in. I’ve quickly realised this just isn’t for me anymore. I guess you could say i need the “security” that high-sec offers. i’m currently in the process of moving all my assets back to high-sec space and leaving my current corp. This should all be done over the next 24hrs. I’ll try contact you in-game to discuss further.

Fly safe o7

(Tekkaa) #10

Ascendo & Varanik, i have send you both an in game mail, look forward to speaking with you soon. o7

(Varanik Rendz) #11

Hey Mate, I’ve been in the corp public channel 2 nights in a row just after restart and noone has been able to respond yet. I’ll be on again tonight hopefully a bit earlier this time.

(Tekkaa) #12

Varanik, sorry, i have not been on after DT the last couple of nights. try and catch up tonight hopefully. iam unwell as of yesterday (FLU) so see how i go after work today.

(Varanik Rendz) #13

Not a problem. Is the pub channel only really used by yourself and other recruiters? Just hoping that the actual corp on a whole is a little more active around that 8pm-10om QLD time.

(Varanik Rendz) #15

I think i just missed you last night - you apparently had just gone to dinner. I ended up talking with the alliance CEO, he was helpful and explained a few things. Anyway I’m now corp-less and ready to join you if you’ll have me.


(Tekkaa) #16

Cheap Tuesday

(Tekkaa) #18

get amongst it,

(Varanik Rendz) #19

Just like to add that I recently joined this corp and I’m loving it. If you’re in AU/NZ TZ and looking for a corp, this is the place to be. Friendly, helpful, mature and all round fantastic bunch of people.

(Tekkaa) #20

Thanks Babe,

i mean Varanik

(Tekkaa) #21

Thirsty Thursday people, are you an Aussie and thirsty for an aussie corp, Look No further

(Tekkaa) #22

Weekend fun ahead