[AU/US TZ] [ALL TZ] Quantumtech industries

QUANTUM TECH is recruiting, we are a pvp focused corporation and wanting to grow.

Quantumtech at it’s core is an Australian corp, part of the Removal Alliance, Looking for members in Au,Us & Nz timezone, but not limited to, we are accepting applications for all TZ’s. We have a relaxed play style. We live in low sec and our Alliance has assets for isk generation.

Qtech is based on a foundation of RL comes first, and mate ship in the game.

What we Offer -

Relaxed play style
Regular Pvp
Lots of laughs
Low Sec
RL takes priority, if you can’t make an op because of work or family we understand.

What we are looking for:
Pvp pilots
you’re not a feeder, pvp losses are fine.
Players who are older than 6 months in game.
Players in Au,Us & Nz Tz but not limited to.
Activity; based on RL priorities
Willingness to Own & Fly our Doctrines
people who are self sufficient with their isk generation
People willing to move in with us, take out rubbish and share the lawn duties.
people willing to work with members.
People Willing to get on comms and chat, you know male/female bonding and such :stuck_out_tongue:

All this sounds interesting please join the Quantumtech public Channell - ** Qtech public ** and chat with a Recruiter.

-Qtech ceo

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QTECH is a great bunch of players with experience and knowledge to share. Been with them for over a year now and I’ve really made my home here. After close to 10 years of playing Eve QTECH has been my favourite corp.

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Autz best tz

Hi guys i would like to have a chat to youre ceo somtime if we could arrange it

Hi mate, join the in game channell Qtech public, or mail Tekkaa in game

At work currently will do once i knock off

Sounds good dude

Looking for pvp pilots

It’s weekend time. Get Keen!!!

Recruiting is going well. The new guys are settling in and having fun!

Interested in joining, NZ based

Recent Video of our work

Good morning capsuleers, looking for an Australian corp full of active members. Join ‘Qtech public’ today.

On the Goldy, looking for Aussie corp. 19M points and still dunno how to play…

Hi mate, jump into qtech public in game. Chatwith a recruiter. Im afk for an hr or 2

O7 looking for pilots

Still recruiting, going well.

The new recruits are fitting in very well. Still room for more.

Join now for some awesome fleets!

looking for new pilots - pew pew