QuantumTech Industries - Australian Corp Au/Eu/Nz Tz


well it seems the new year has kicked off to a flying start!

2018 is looking good

Its Friday here in Aust, do you need a new corp ? join Qtech public and chat with a recruiter

still looking for new members :slight_smile:

Getting close to the weekend yew

Looking for new recruits… join an aussie corp today

Been a good week 2 more warm bodies recruited

Join Qtech public and talk to a recruiter today

Join an Aussie Corp

You guys still active?

yep still very active,

Been a while since the last bump. Qtech is still recruiting.

Just thought I’d throw my two bobs worth in.
I started getting back into Eve after a long brake about 5 months ago, and like many people I wanted a good corp with a similar play timezone to me. I found QuantumTech Industries and it’s been the best corp I’ve ever been in, even before my break from game. I’ve felt very welcome and connected to the group.
The guys we play with are all good for a laugh and making some good game content.
The leadership team is also very well experienced in the game and are a great resource for knowledge.

If you’re looking for a fun corp in an Australian/New Zealand timezone then you’d definitely want to check out this corp.

p.s The CEO has a sexy voice.

Bumpy bump, get your bums into this corp for some good old pew pew fun.

Qtech wants you!

South Australia has a long weekend coming up, best time to join an Aussie corp and blow some spaceships up!!!

QTECH is currently chasing pvp members.

Come jump in our public channel, it will be a blast.

Qtech public for a hot chat!