Small Aussie High-Sec Corp - WarpTech Industries [AU/NZ][PVE]

WarpTech Industries is a small scale Aussie corp made up of a few friends. We are based in high sec in The Citadel region, not far from Jita.

The main content we run is DED combat sites, with the goal of finding 5/10 escalations and 3 person abyssal frigate fleet. We also do WH data/relic, mining ops, level IV mission running and industry. We are currently looking for Aussie/NZ players that are relatively new to EVE Online and want to join a small friendly group where they can experience a wide range of content before dipping their toes into null-sec.

If this sounds like the place for you feel free to reply to this thread, mail me in-game or join our in-game public chat.

We require a minimum of 1 million skill points.

Public Chat: WarpTech Industries Public
Recruitment: Seviron Aldari

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