Australian Corp Recruiting- QuantumTech ind

its a new week, fly safe capsuleers

looking for Au TZ players

AU TZ wants you

new week, new you.


G’day from WA!!! High Sec miner here looking for a good Australian corps to join. I am online most evenings. I fly one of the fastest skiffs in Eve - the Blood Moon. I also own a Raven BS though still training up the skills to use it. I also have a T1 Frigate Pylon Racer. Basically a suped-up Slasher.
Have tried low-sec solo with bad results, so stay in high sec for now. Based in the Livinen System 0.7 at present.
Please send me the details of your chat group so that I may join and perhaps get to know you guys further. :slight_smile:

Hi Kipsley,

got a mail from my ally CEO with your chat thanks for the interest, talk soon.

Thursday! looking perfect day for recruiting


Still looking for pilots in the AUTZ, with an emphasis on PVP, but we don’t PVP 24/7 so keep that in mind.

usual thing, looking for new recruits!

Aussies Assemble

hey guys, just wanted to know where abouts your corp is located?
I played for a little bit a few yrs back, but gave up when i kept getting podded and had no funds. So, i made a new toon just the other day. I am at Duripant at the moment. Toon is a Gallente. Would like to stay in Gallente if possible.

hi Captain, ill send you an ingame mail tonight.

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cheers mate. Wont be on tonight tho. Hopefully tomorrow

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Hi Captain

sorry didnt get around to mailing you last night, i was going to mail you my public channell anyhow, so if you get time jump into Qtech Public, otherwise ill mail the link tonight.

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space is lonely, but not when you have friends, Qtech wants you!

thats ok, i didnt get a chance to get on either lol. RL duties suck at times :slight_smile:
I will be getting on tonight tho. But not sure for how long…

RL soaked up some time, but here is a fresh bump

had some new members join recently, Qtech is expanding, come join the fun