I search for a corp with a good protection for carrier ratting in Nullsec

Hi. I have to admit that I play EVE for fun, not for logic. So I want to fly the big capital ships - even when its not logical :wink: Actually I can fly a Nidhoggur and a Phoenix.

I want to rat as safly as possible in Null- or Lowsec.

Until now I was a solo player and I was extremly often ganked. My killboard is a catastrophe :wink: So I need the protection of a corp. My dream is a corp how has a good and “safe” homeland where I can rat or do other thing.

I offer 2 Omega characters. The main has about 37 Mil SP and, as mentioned, has skills to fly a Nidhoggur or Phoenix. The 2nd charakter is a Cyno support for me.

I dont want to be forced to regulary join Corp fleet events but when Homedefense is needed I’ll be there. I’m also willing to train addition skills for the Corp (e. g. if you need jump freighters …). Of couse a corp fee as replacment for mandatory activity is perfect.

Discord, TS is no problem. My main language is german, english is not a problem either.

Is a corp for me even existing?

Thanks in advance

Doc Orange

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