I want a Mobile Compressor

EVE Is a team game. Find a team or fail.

People who do not come into voice chat are spies. If there was one thing that would benefit the community at large would be a bit of common courtesy when it comes to communicating in a team environment.

Not a single serious incursion group would allow a pilot into fleet without being in comms, for at the very minimum people doing that stuff need to be listening to the FC or everyone gets killed because some twit starts shooting up a J tag.

Like a definition of what ‘viable’ means? All solo gameplay is viable if you pay the $15 a month and are happy with doing the activity sub optimally.

Anything that works for a solo player has the problem of scaling all to well to the point it gets abused by the masses.

Null mining and mining the dirt of High Security space are two different activities entirely.

Maybe the typical low ball Jita buy order it would cost 40 million ISK, the ship build cost is a lot higher than 40 million.

Maybe this is the way, maybe there should be a destroyer sized mining boost ship?

Just drop your ore in jetasoned containers then undock your orca warp to it compress and take back swap to your mining ship.

It’s not necessarily a bad idea. Where’s the downside?

There are. All Command Destroyers can be outfitted with Mining Foreman Bursts and some Guns/Drones against the spawning NPCs so the Barges/Exhumers can use MiningDrones.

Works perfectly well and does cost around 80M ISK, much less than a Porpoise.

One could also use a Gnosis as MiningBoost Platform, that one would be even more powerful and cheaper, just not as small and fast.

Jeeze, who crapped in your coffee?


Its sickening watching a bunch of high security industrialists crawl over each other 1 ISKing items into the ground. Rather than move into work with a healthy profit margin there is this expectation that the game require changes to make the chosen profession worthwhile.

As a profession, high-sec mining does suck though. You can literally make more ISK doing almost anything else. Even distribution missions pay better.

Abyssals « Incursions « L4 Burner/Blitzing « L4 « L3 « L2 « Spinning in Station « Miining

“Sickening”? I’m so sorry. Please show us on the doll where the highsec miner touched you. We’ll send 100 Catalysts right away to gank them.

Mining is pretty ■■■■ in general. Unless you’re getting high level boosts in line with -50% mining cycle, you’d get way more ISK from ratting in a 150% bounty system.


Mining used to be a lot better. When the forums didn’t suck…

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So basically 10+ years ago when 100 man multibox fleets weren’t a thing?

I know. You used only to get one Cata targeting your little Retty in the belt; now it’s four or five!

Bring back the old days, I say…

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Hmm. Can’t complain about NinjaGneiss Mining in JSpace. It returns nice ISK if you don’t get disturbed and a nice thrill if someone tries to catch you.