Id Est - Nullsec PVP Corp - Recruiting

No big deals, No big goals… Just for getting stronger as well, together…

Id Est looks for capsuleers who like to do things to achieve for all individually, not for only one…

Id Est offers:
. Experienced players assistance for rookies
.Free ships for corp pvp fun
.PvP small-gang / Alliance warfare
,Nullsec rich resources

Our public channel:
ID EST Auxilium

For recruitment and questions, contact:
Omertrcixs Ishikela

We are still recruiting.

Id Est is still looking for pvp oriented players.

Id Est is recruiting.

Our recruitment is still open.

We are still recruiting.

Our recruitment is up and running.

Id Est is recruiting.

Our recruitment is open. Come join us!

Id Est is recruiting.

Come and enjoy PvP Content in Nullsec

We are recruiting.

Id est is recruiting

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