-=IGII=- Isle Guard Industries Inc. (Minmatar Militia)

Isle guard industries inc.

-We are small corp that is opening up its recruitment department.
-We are in the Minmatar militia and we are an industrial corp.
-We build our ships and mods from scratch and take those out into faction warfare and sometimes local lowsec.

What we offer:
-FW PVP, usually small gang.
-Industry: mining, planetary interaction, research, manufacturing, access to many blueprints.
-PVE: when bored enough.

My vision for the corp is to continue to live in molden heath and fight in FW space. I want to help my members make easy money doing low maintenance stuff to support their pvp habits. At no point do I want to move this corp to null or wh space.

If you want to do any of the above then come and check us out.
Alphas, dirty casuals, and newbros are welcomed.

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