-=IGII=- Isle Guard Industries Inc -- Industrial PVP Corp

Our main purpose is to support the Minmatar Militia through fighting and industry.
Most of the time we can be found in FW space. When we are not there, we are at our “home land” doing whatever to support our efforts in the field. These activities fall into the industry realm.
We build our ships and mods from scratch and take those out into faction warfare and sometimes local lowsec. We operate in the high sec island constellation of Besateoden in the Molden Heath region and in Minmatar FW space.
What we offer: FW PVP, usually small gang. Industry: mining, planetary interaction, research, manufacturing, access to many blueprints. PVE: when bored enough.
My vision for the corp is to continue to live in molden heath and fight in FW space under the Minmatar Republic. Also i want to expand our industrial capabilities in Molden Heath and to become a large exporter of PI products and Fuel blocks.

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