Niflheim Guard - Build and put that build to work, see ships explode in glory

Currently recruiting industrial players and those who also like to see things explode.**

Null sec adventures await, so get your industry on and put it to use making others explode.

Whether your focus is to mine/build and be part of the industry back bone or take it the next step and use what you build to make beautiful explosions, we have space for you here.

We recently moved to Null sec from Low, but within the corporation and alliance we have several years of experience of Null sec living. As a member of Niflheim Guard you will have access to:

  • 0.0 mining and minerals both moon and belt
  • Access to planets for all your planetary needs
  • Research, invention and construction facilities
  • Access to one of the largest markets in Eve
  • Squirrel fleets - fast moving with fun hunting
  • Access to larger alliance and coalition fleets

Real life is top priority, please join the in game channel: Hels Elite Guard

Hours of Operation:40% US – 40% EU – 20% other

We have no SP requirement but prefer Omega.

Still looking for new blood to join our corp, new bro or vet, we have something for you

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