Null Sec Family looking to extend


FAYN Family

About US

We are a strong industrial family looking to grow our members with kind, helpful, enthusiastic team players. We cater to returning players, long-serving veterans, recently joined pilots and any other form of EVE player.

We live in a few systems in Fountain (Sov Null sec) with access to moons, ice and ore mining (+5% Ores) boosted with Rorquals most times of the day. Active community creating strong bonds via our discord server that has lots of rooms for different topics along with active voice chats occupied with our interesting members.

What we offer

We offer you all of the requirements for your industrial needs, Refineries, Capital shipyards, Super capital building, etc. our main system has +5% Ores to mine in the top three anomalies making your time mining even more effective.

Where we are heading

We have visions of developing a pvp arm to our operation, for this we need visionaries, pilots, members willing to create something from nothing. If you are interested in helping us with our PVP endeavor please also get in touch. We are even looking at the idea of having a small WH branch starting out in a C2 to build both our pvp experience and our ability to find content using the WH networks.

Sign up here

We have a strict security screening process which may take 24-48 hours to complete, depending on when / who you have spoken with. Complete an application form on our Auth site & add all characters on our SeAT


Time to rise, Join FAYN

Good to see an ad, I was looking for a corp yesterday and some guy mentioned fayn industries and directed me to the website.

PS. still looking for a corp

I got back in eve yesterdat after a 2 year break from the game and wanted to do something different than pvp…
I’ve almost 44 mil sp moslty pvp oriented but also got lots of mining and reprocessing skills trained.

(my industry - trading alt is named vanelle oskold)

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I’ve heard many many great things about this corp, and PJ Hustle… I just had to give you a pat on the bat and my salute, keep up the great work!!!

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Thanks man, I know you have moved over to HS but you know you have a home here with us should you wish to help with our Null sec hauling service

Found four more awesome dudes already. Who’s next?

Happy New Year To You All

Be part of a real community!


Just a friendly bump for a great guy with his super corp!! Give em hell PJ!! Mihail is no more it’s just me now. Fly Safe

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Hi, planning in return to game the saturday (alpha now but want turn omega).

I only have 4m points but can fly a procurer, what are youre minimum skill points requeriment ?

@Kaylark Thanks for the interest we have a basic requirement of 5m SP but not a hard minimum. You should reach out to us in game or via Discord be great to help you get back into the game

what happened to mihail? sell him?

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yes, sold Mihail, AND his Rhea… training up Kelcier now… trying to switch things up a bit

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Thanks for the invite guys, i go to make some high sec clones and go to null in the night


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Heading in a wonderful direction, come join us

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Up to the top

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Updated and refreshed for another recruitment drive! Come on in

Need lots and lots of ice miners, moon crunchers and belt smashers to make this easy ISK

Family looking to adopt more pilots