Fayn Industries is a Null Sec corp that is seeking new members .

We are looking for PVP pilots, both experienced or newer pilots wanting to give it a go. We have access to excellent industrial space and PVE space to allow you to fill your wallet to fund your PVP ships.

Our members are primarily from the EU or US time zones, however, we do have members in other TZ as well.

We are part of a large alliance, which in turn is part of one of the largest coalition in the game.


*** 10 Million Skill Points**
*** Willingness to train doctrines**
*** PVP commitment required**
*** PvE and Industrials alts welcome**
*** Headset with mic**
*** Make a FREE Alpha account for the Alliance**

We are looking for people in all time zones.

*** Real life comes first policy**
*** Group help**
*** Alliance SRP with Corp top up**
*** Excellent PVE systems**
*** Fully Upgraded Industrial Systems**
*** Daily Alliance PVP fleet**
*** Corporation buy back program**

Join FAYN.Recruits in game recruitment channel for more information or mail one of our recruiters today!

Still looking for miners and pvprs to play in fountain with us in this chill corp

Still looking for miners and pvprs to play with us

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