FAYN Industries - A New chapter 🔴

FAYN Industries - Not just industrialists!

Recent refugees of the great World war Bee II we have started a new chapter in our history, and well enjoying it immensely. We are a group of about 130 players ( some 400 characters) but don’t let those numbers fool you into thinking each one of our members are not a vital part of the ecosystem.

I, PJHustle work tirelessly along with the leadership team to make sure we are a solid community. FAYN is not just a corporation within this game we are a tight nit community who are on the look out to find more players to join us.

What we are doing right now is listed below, should that be something you like to do in the game or want to try whilst in a supportive community then join our channels and start your new chapter with FAYN


  • Null Sec Missions
  • Mining (Moon, Ice, Asteroids)
  • Manufacturing
  • PVE
  • PVP
  • Active Community
  • Voice comms for chatting
  • what ever you want we can support you in that direction

We are still in the early stages of our fleet PVP but are getting some solid practice and numbers of 30 or so, be part of a medium sized fleet and have fun with our folks.


Not just industry, started a new chapter where we are actually killing things, regardless of what it is we are doing we are doing it as a community which make all of the meaning behind our movements much more rewarding.

Come join the fun …

Active and fun loving group who are working together for something bigger

Boom :cow:

Boom :pig:

We’re waiting for you! :sunglasses:

Starting a new division for Alpha New bros Jump in game at FAYN.Recruits to find out more

Are you guys still part of Init / Imperium? One part says your refugees, and in some locations its saying your still affiliated. So, not sure what one it is.

We are independent currently but have good long standings with INIT. As we worked well together for a while. So not within the imperium but are friendly with INIT

Boosts set to MAXIMUM!

Free tritanium to all who join!

BOOM :monkey:

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