FAYN INDUSTRIES - Actively Recruiting

Actively seeking US time zones. Contact Eucalyptnine for US timezones here in-game and let’s chat. If your located in the EU contact Jack Starkid. Our Corp offers a lot of benefits and is great for those who are still understanding the game-mechanics. Mumble is required when online - no exceptions. 10M min Skill Points to join. The rest of the requirements the coalition has are those you can work up to over time. If your easily offended, politically correct, or are not open to other’s views without getting your panties in a bunch your not the person I want to talk to. Plenty of other places for you to consider. We offer:

*Null Sec Missions

  • Mining (Moon, Ice, Asteroids)
  • Manufacturing
  • PVE
  • PVP
  • Active Community
  • Voice comms for chatting
  • what ever you want we can support you in that direction
    *Heavy Industry base, for those that like to manufacture

We are FAYN Industries… we are a member of The Initiative… and we represent The Imperium.

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