If you think industry is boring you need to try it with FAYN

FAYN Industries

Null sec industrial family looking to help others experience the wonders of Null sec including but not limited to:-
Moon Mining
Ore Mining
Ice Mining
T2 Manufacturing
Group Activity nights
Super and Titan production
Super and Titan Docking in system
Large BPO library
Active Community
Super Ratting Facilities
Corporation Buyback
yad, yada, yada

So much we can offer but you don’t get the right feeling from it via text you need to come hang out on comms.

I have also tried to make my way around the world to meet some of our wonderful members so if you want to find a group who also hold RL meetings (optional of cause) then we love to meet our members too!

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Hi There

What TZ are you most active in?
What region are you in?

Hi PJHustle,

Is FAYN accepting newbs? I just joined a few days ago

@Giddy_McFee We are pretty active in both EU and US evenly right now with about 10-15 people on comms at both ends of the TZ’s We are based in Fountain



@Von_AskariDue to the nature of eve we are not accepting newbros because of the chance of infiltration via enemies of our alliance. This sucks as I would like to start something with on boarding newbros at some point. If you need help in anything thought please feel free to ask, I will help regardless if I can.


Back to the top!

FAYN CEO and CCP CEO come join the fun (I was totally hammered and forgot how to use my face muscles to smile) Much like Hilmar :stuck_out_tongue:
Come get some at FAYN Industries!

im interested, gotta a recruitment channel or somethin? if rec is still open

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Sure in game the channel is FAYN.Recruits

Family Is Growing Again ! Don’t miss out on the fun



I’m thinking about moving to null-sec and getting further into industry, so this corp looks great. Should I message someone in game to get more info?

-Rudolf Snows

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Industry Based player, looking to take his two omega’d accounts into Null-Sec, and just “digging” in to Industry even further. One note-worthy thing is that I’m an Orca pilot on one of the accounts.

-Illern Secheh
-Illan Secheh

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Rudlof sorry for the late reply been busy doing a few things as there have been some dramatic changes to the structure in the area. There may be a war coming so not sure if this is a good time to join us. I would hate for you to get a negative association with Null sec due to you coming somewhere new and then having to relocated shortly afterwards.

I could maybe point you somewhere else though if you haven’t found anywhere yet?

Kind Regards


@Illern_Secheh Just as I said above to Rudolf now may not be the right time to join us, let me know if you need help finding a more stable environment?

I have 24 indy chars, so … no, I don’t think it’s boring (actually I think it’s very challenging if done at “scale”). I have always looked at corps like yours. Maybe I’ll jump into your discord and say “hi!” :slight_smile:

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