Fayn Industries - don't join this corp if you are:

Fayn Industries - don’t join this corp if you are:

  • A asshole
  • A spy :grinning:
  • You have no microphone
  • when you only care about yourself
  • if you don’t want to get involved in a community
  • if you don’t want to learn alliance doctrines
  • if you think we’re just an industrial corp
  • if you don’t want to learn new things
  • if you don’t want to life in null
  • if you have less then 15mil Skillpoints
    If none of this applies to you, then we are exactly the right corp for you!
    We offer you:
  • yeah sure, because we’ve got “industrie” in our name, perfect access to the best factories in New Eden
  • Moons, moons ….and more moons
  • A perfect ratting space
  • enormous number of possibilities in Eve to get rich and to fulfill one’s wishes
    And if your wallet is full, we will of course help you to empty it again :smiling_imp:
  • small/midscale and large scale pvp content in one of the most successful an oldest alliances in New Eden
  • and so that it doesn’t hurt your wallet so much, there are of course SRPs for most alliance fleets

We are an active group with members from almost all time zones but with a focus on the EU and US TZ
Join our ingame channel today > FAYN.Recruits or our Discord channel Discord text

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what if someone was a spy but a really nice spy

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