Null Sec Family looking to extend

25th January is a good day to find lost family members


Always Looking to Extend our Family

Still Looking for more, Found some great people from here already

Hi looking to join a group, just came across this one there and was wondering if yous are still looking new guys. I’ve just started playing it a few days now and am really enjoying it. If there is any questions I need to answer first before hand let me know and I’ll try my best :slight_smile:

Hey man sorry was out for the last week. Have you spoken to anyone in the recruitment team yet in game?

Be the best you!

We are still looking for miners, ratters and builders. Come get that precious ore and ice !
Join FAYN.recruits channel

Growing strong again folks, we are here and happy to help

I’m interested. If anyone can contact me for details? Since there is no one in recruitment channel and your website has some problems with eve ESI so can’t login there also.

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Sure I’ll send your details to the team and look at the ESI stuff you mentioned. This has a habit to cause me a headache:)

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Hey, just curious, do you have any Guristas ratting? I enjoy ratting, but I want to make sure I’m heading somewhere I will enjoy.

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We got serpentis

What specifically do you like about the Guristas pirates @Bjorn_Johnson?

I was under the impression until last night that only Guristas had Havens lol. That’s why. I did some research and am now less dumb lol


That’s cool

This sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Just filled in an application.

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FAYN Industries we’re not just a corp, but a family

What is your relationship with the imperium?

We are within the imperium so Blue