Null Sec Family looking to extend


(PJHustle) #22

25th January is a good day to find lost family members

(PJHustle) #23


Always Looking to Extend our Family

(PJHustle) #24

Still Looking for more, Found some great people from here already

(xxbreyxx Brendan) #25

Hi looking to join a group, just came across this one there and was wondering if yous are still looking new guys. I’ve just started playing it a few days now and am really enjoying it. If there is any questions I need to answer first before hand let me know and I’ll try my best :slight_smile:

(PJHustle) #26

Hey man sorry was out for the last week. Have you spoken to anyone in the recruitment team yet in game?

(PJHustle) #27

Be the best you!

(bellath) #28

We are still looking for miners, ratters and builders. Come get that precious ore and ice !
Join FAYN.recruits channel

(PJHustle) #29

Growing strong again folks, we are here and happy to help

(Mac-Gregor) #30

I’m interested. If anyone can contact me for details? Since there is no one in recruitment channel and your website has some problems with eve ESI so can’t login there also.

(PJHustle) #31

Sure I’ll send your details to the team and look at the ESI stuff you mentioned. This has a habit to cause me a headache:)

(Bjorn Johnson) #32

Hey, just curious, do you have any Guristas ratting? I enjoy ratting, but I want to make sure I’m heading somewhere I will enjoy.

(bellath) #33

We got serpentis

(PJHustle) #34

What specifically do you like about the Guristas pirates @Bjorn_Johnson?

(Bjorn Johnson) #35

I was under the impression until last night that only Guristas had Havens lol. That’s why. I did some research and am now less dumb lol

(PJHustle) #36

That’s cool

(Lazyhazie) #37

This sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Just filled in an application.