ICI Gamers corporation LF high/low sec alliance (industry & pvp)

Hello everyone,

Not sure if this is the right forum thread to post this topic but I thought I’d try (if it’s wrong please feel free to remove it):

We are a small-sized corporation (between 15-30 people) but we’d like to join an Alliance to be part of the bigger picture. At this moment we are located in Oisio (0.5) as far as our HQ goes. Our members are primarily interested in the following aspects:

  • Industry (mining) in 0.5 sec or otherwise in low sec
  • Lvl 4+ missioning PvE (or incursions/invasions)

PvP is something that we’d be interested in (over time) but, at the moment, our members aren’t really comfortable with PvP’ing because of either a lack of experience (there’s a few newer pilots among us).

So if you know of an Alliance that matches at least the top two aspects (PVE missioning/incursion/invasions and mining) feel free to respond below or shoot me a message in-game!

Who we are:

Our pvp alliance which is based in Scalding Pass, is looking for new small to medium corporations to join us in growing into a larger force and get full membership in the Fire coalition. We have access to space in the region where we also have structures for basing and earning some isk for income.

We are mostly EU timezone but any timezone is welcome.

The alliance flies all types of ships from frigates to capital ships

What we want:

We are looking for active self-sufficient corporations that wants to be a part of our community, do pvp and evolve the alliance. It is a requirement that all members has access to a microphone and discord installed for socializing and fleet comms.

What we offer:

New friends to pew with
Isk income potential both pve and industrial
Logistics network
If this sounds interesting join our public channel x-prot

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