Come with us to Scalding Pass :D


Vanguard Syndicate is now an established alliance in Scalding Pass and it’s looking forward to greet any corporation interested in settling down in the area.
There are a lot of opportunities for mining, building up the region, ratting and PvP.
We are looking for groups valuing cooperation, playing together, supporting each other both in corp and in alliance, interested in building up an area to call home, willing to defend it if needed.

Come talk to us at Vanguard Syndicate

Thank you,


Old post:
NullSec corp, reasonably strong in numbers, is looking for other groups/corps interested in establishing sov in Scalding Pass.  We would like to form a small alliance under FI.RE with other PvP/Industrialists groups. 
Please message me if interested!

Thank you,


I am in a FI.RE Co alliance, message me in game on your main and we’ll talk or join our public discord for a chat anytime AARP. Public

Thank you, @Choc_talar, we will contact you in game !
Any other corp interested in moving in Scalding Pass? Send me a message, please.

Have an amazing weekend, you all!


Here we are again, looking for corporations willing to establish themselves in Scalding Pass.

Happy New Year, Eve Pilots!

We are happy to let you know we have started our project and we have now an alliance up and running, in Scalding Pass. We are still looking for more corporations to join us, to develop and grow the region. There are rats to be killed, moons to be mined, ships to be built and blown up, neuts to be fought and friendship and cooperation to be built with the other alliances in the area.

If you are interested please contact us either here or in game.

Best wishes for 2022!

We are still up for having more friends in our group. Our Discord server link is at the top of this thread, or you could message us in game (Darien Avan, Randolf Lemmont, paulkokos kokozidis).

A friendly reminder for corps looking to join a small alliance in Scalding. :slight_smile:

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