[EU] ICI Gamers - High Sec PVE & Mining / Low Sec PVP

Greetings Capsuleers!

ICI Gamers is an organization which recently re-fueled itself within New Eden. We’re a multi-gaming community that was created roughly six-seven years ago and we all have one common motivator: We all have a strong passion for the space-sim genre like Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous and EVE: Online.

We decided to come together in EVE to see if we can grow into a small/medium sized corporation that can, eventually, join a competitive alliance and offer our members the full EVE experience. Having said that; we are extremely Noob friendly. The people that are members of our corporation range from newly created accounts with only 1,000,000 skill points to people who have been playing for 14-15 years now.

Our name says it all: “Institute for Casual International Gamers”. If you are die-hard and you play EVE 8-10 hours p/day and are looking for a 0.0 area corp and/or a pirate corporation or one that focuses ONLY on PVP then we’re not the choice for you. Are you, on the other hand, someone who has been deprived of time due to school/work/wife/kids/other hobbies/etc. and are you looking for a group of people to enjoy yourself with and just play on a casual basis whenever it suits you? Then we’re the crew for you!

Our goal in-game?

  • We want to grow to a medium sized corporation and, slowly, move from the 0.5 sec space we are in now to claiming a little place of our own in Wormhole space. In order to this, however, we need members that share the same goal.
  • In-game our main location, for the moment, is Oisio (0.5 sec space)

What Do We Look For?

  • People have to be over the age of 18.
  • A microphone is required for communications (on Discord).
  • Active in timezones: GMT / GMT+1 / GMT+2.
  • People interested in both PvE (be it missioning or mining) and PvP (for our Wormhole section)
  • Most importantly; people need to have fun!

What Can We Offer?

  • A community with over 100 members mainly from all over Europe (active weekdays from 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 and in weekends the activity varies).
  • A lot of fun chit-chat / banter.
  • Decades of combined EVE experience for new players to learn from and help them grow.
  • Once a year we have an ICI Gamers meet-up event which takes place in The Netherlands (HQ of ICI Gamers seeing as most of our founding members are from there).

Should you want to know anything else about us? Feel free to post here or just hop on our Discord server immediately and come and say hi!


Please note: We are looking for mildly active players who are willing to take upon themselves tasks such as Fleet Commanders / Lead mining ops / etc. (people who want to be part of something and have a responsibility).

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