IGMAT Now Recruiting

IGMAT Mining and Transport: Join Our Spacefaring Family!

Who We Are:

  • We are a Player friendly Mining Corporation in the system of bania and the surrounding systems.
  • We are friends among the corp who like to do mining, missions, pve, Planetary and manufactoring
  • We are a corporation that values Real Life comes First and we treat our members with the respect they deserve

What We Offer:

  • [Activities]:Moon Mining, Astroid belt mining, Highsec, lowsec and occasionaly Nul sec as well. Regular OPSes with alliance and Scheduled Corporation opses, 0 tax for members, no Wardecs
  • [Benefits]: Ship Replacement, Ore Buy Back, Events Ship Delivery, Projects (instant ISK), Training, Support ingame and RL, Discord specific channels, Skill Plans Available for New players
  • [Goals]: Be great as Indy Corp but Greater as Friends Having Fun as a family

Who We’re Looking For:

  • [Requirements]: No Skill Minimum, No Characters minimum (need to register), No Experience needed, But Handy to have some skills.
  • [Qualities]: Honoust, great Additude, Being online when you can, no Stress, love Mining and hanging out. Follow the simple Code of Conduct we handle (dont worry not majorly bad).

How to Apply:

  • [Application Process]: Apply in-Game, First Join the IGMAT Reqruitment channel, then Apply, Send inmail to the Corp.
  • [Contact Information]: Contact by Email: Ingmae or igmat.corp@gmail.com. Contact inGame: Teengallente, Tyler Barrent, Hazra Ellecon or Numbly Pig.

Join IGMAT Mining and Transport and shape the future of New Eden with us!