Ikka Expeditionary Force Recruiting!


[Ikka Expeditionary Force] [IKKAE] is looking for new members!

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98387528/

Corporation has a long term goal to be an expeditionary force to fight in wars, however there is a lot of growing to do until we are ready for that. We live in Venal and this will be our permanent home with the Brotherhood of Spacers Alliance. They are an awesome group of guys and feel free to check them out as well, they should have a recruitment post floating around here somewhere.

The most important things for this corporation is building a great community and finding people that are fun to play with. We accept newer players and will help them out, but understand that you will need to be able to do things without having your hand held constantly in Null or you will have a bad time. There are plenty of things to do out here solo and in groups, but you gotta undock and go do it. There is a lot to learn in this game and we will help if you can learn and grow.

  • US & EU Timezone players
  • Well rounded with PVE and PVP
  • Mumble for comms
  • New and Experienced players.

[Ikka Expeditionary Force] is looking for pilots that are:

  • Mature players
  • Interested in PVP and/or PVE
  • Respectful
  • Want to live in Null
  • Can learn and grow.

Join our Public channel “IKKAE Public” to learn more or contact “Vicki Ikkala” in game with any questions.

Ikka Expeditionary Force Discord

Join us on discord and ask questions! See if we are the place for you!

Looking for PVP and PVE players!

Looking for more to join our community!

Plenty of moons to mine!

Come join our discord and talk to us! Newer players are welcome!

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