I'm looking for a company or rental system in the north , expect drone zone

i have 3 omega accounts. 1 account gets pvp skills. all accounts have 15 m skill points yet and
I don’t have a problem with ISK.
I’m an moderate experienced player.
I want to be part of a big coalition.

my english is not very good but i am improving. I have never had a problem with this in fleets.

pls contact to me in game. pilot : Halil Abi

eu time zone and i want null sec (preferably -0.5,-08)

Check us out. We have SOV, moons, bros, PVP, Indy, and part of PanFam.

Who can I contact?

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Hey mate can u jump on our discord and we chat

ingame mail sent! :smiley:

Gideon Golgothus

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