Newbro UK based Gallente Player Looking For Corp

Hi there, I’m 33, have discord and other chat tools. I’ve flirted with playing Eve over the years but this time I’ve really gotten in to it. I’ve been playing solo up to now and quickly realised that sooner or later it’s going to catch up on you. Recently been running T5 security missions and got gate camped, moved on to T5 abyssal sites and got ganked on exit. So really it’s making no sense to carry on in this format.

I enjoy PVE, want to learn to generate good passive income over time and build ships, and need to learn how to PVP. I’ve been mostly doing T5 Abyssal sites in a Gila trying to generate good amount of ISK. Have 12m skill points so far. I’m really looking to commit to playing with a good UK corp and progress deeper into the game. If it sounds like there could be a spot for me in your tribe - please get in touch!


White Fang Militia are always looking for good people! We’re a UK based corp, just moving out to a new area of nullsec where there’s plenty of ISK to be made, and PvP training and content to be had. Be More Wolf! [EUTZ] if you want to know more.

Good morning we are a pvp group but some members do industry to fund their habits. several of us are uk based so time zone is right on there with yours. We live in highsec but pvp in wormholes. Give me a shout in our in game public channel if interested.

Regards Rag

🇬🇧 Extremely Active Corporation , Established NullSec Community, I-FED - Legacy -early EU time zone if you are thinking of maybe joining a UK null group . hope by our discord mate :slight_smile:

hey buddy can you jump on our discord for a chat

Our corps are recruiting! Trailer Park Illuminati Alliance is RECRUITING!

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