I'm looking for an Australian PVP corp

G’day guys. I am a returning player with a total of around 5 years exp. 4 of those were with a different character, when the biggest ship was a battleship. I have nearly 20mil sp with this one. Most of my skills are combat orientated. I am looking for a more honorable corp. I’m not into gate camping noobs in corvettes. A merc corp is probably what I am looking for. I have spent my time getting back into the game and getting used to all this new stuff. I have been trying to fly solo doing exploration and I am sick of being killed in expensive ships (I love my shiny ships) so I want to get back into pvp and get some revenge on those orrible pirates. I don’t really mind what timezone as long as there is a few guys online during downunder time. I have a lot of time to offer as I am not working atm and don’t have ball and chain around my legs. ( a chick) I am a bit rusty atm to say the least, but with a bit of time and some good advice I could become a good pilot once again. If I am what you might be looking for, please get intouch. Cheers folks.

Hey! While we do have a few aussies I’m gonna use the ad below as the main selling point here. We in Total Mayhem are 100% pvp Corp. We do mostly small gang and are not invested in sov. Rather we are nomadic so we don’t have to sit around waiting for content.

Give the ad a read through if you like. If it gives you funny feelings feel free to drop by our discord and we can have a chat.

Stay dangerous buddy

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