I'm still a newb, but looking

I am an Indy player that dabbles , * years ago I started Eve adventures and was mostly staying in Hi-Sec, but was able to keep Omega status for 5 accts for over a year on my mining alone, have 2 Orc drivers ( a booster and a Hauler ) after returning from a 7 year Hiatus, and a bit of recovering past assets, I have 6 accts than can run a boosted ice run, I own an Athanor in 0.5, and working on rebuilding my BPO collection, As a single corp, i’m looking for an alliance that’s preferably got a foothold in Low/Null. my plans are to have my Orc drivers upgrade to Rorq drivers and to get a Azbel to make/park capitals

and you can contact me in-game this name

Since my Phone still ain’t ringin’, I assume it still ain’t you

Mail me in game if you’re still looking (I’m at work right now) - our alliance might suit you and I’ll put you in touch if you’re interested

we need indy pilots also m8
watch the vids
you would like it here

Thank you, guys for your response, and also for those who responded to me in-game. I currently have found a group, that is in alignment with my goals, if perchance this falls thru i’ll look you guys up. thanks again for the invites and happy hunting

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