I'm tired of being killed in stargates!

In addition, before you make a series of jumps you can open the ingame map and check for kills in last hour (both player and NPC), docked / undocked characters, number of jumps, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out.

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Thanks for the explanation Markus! The title is now correct

I’m getting killed and not ganked. :slight_smile:

And if you like the thrill, just take the Rancer road to Jita.
However, if you want to keep your ship and load alive, 30 jumps should be worth it. Learn how you fit your Industrial for fast alignment, so the jumping is not too boring. You’ve already got many tips above.

It doesn’t sound like your friends were very flexible with their approach.

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Use de D-scan looking for ENEMIES while you travel and never fly something you cant afford to lose

fly safe and fly with friends

hi @Ironcloud_Ormand

wow you killboard looks …
i saw the stuff you lost versus a other player was in low sec or null sec
thats not a gank thats just a lost ship
if you go to low sec, null sec or wormholes space you are a target
a faction ship is nice kill so your 1.5 bill strat is a nice to have but if you are alone … 1 char only its dangerous to use this ship

you are in a player corp so fleet up with your guys … look for an area with low trafic
i hope it turns better for you
you are a new player … talk with your corp mates about skills and your skillplan

ok and the last points … use the cheapest ship with the cheapest fit possible … looks like you dont want to do PVP so try to use a cheap T1 ship … if you lose it it dont hurt that much like your strat

hope i could help a bit
feel free to contact me and ask if you need more infos



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I can feel Your pain. Have same issues. Work hard, get nice ship - puff and it’s gone. And start all over again.
I don’t think there is any working cure for that

There is, it’s called “getting better”.

You can choose to not get better and keep making the same mistakes. OR you can choose to figure out how you can predict the dangerous locations and situations beforehand, you can choose to learn the whys and hows of what happened and how it all went wrong. You can choose to learn the game mechanics involved, you can choose to watch a ton of Youtubes on the subject to help you understand how to deal with it all. You can choose to make a thread on it, asking for advice.

These are all choices, but they do take effort. It’s up to you to decide what is more important to you, accepting the continued mistakes or choosing to learn to avoid them. Being new and messing up is completely understandable and (to a degree) unavoidable, continuing to mess up is a choice.


What I meant is , No matter how good you are or how big is Your ship, You can be very unlucky to be in wrong place and wrong time, there is no 100% bulletproof strategy .
Losing expensive ship is heart breaking

What I’m trying to explain to you is that it’s not a case of “bad luck” if that happens, it’s a case of bad preparation or bad intel. The only bad luck you can have is being disconnected or something similar. Pretty much everything else could have been avoided or have its risk minimised to a point where it’s not really an issue any more.

If you’re actively looking for trouble, PVP, then that may be different of course but even there risk and cost can be controlled and to a degree minimised.

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As soon as You have expensive ship or cargo, You are Marked Man

You just happened to fly through a gatecamp. No one specifically marked your character or your ship. You just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Which is what Markus is trying to explain to you. You can spot gatecamps using intel tools like the starmap, eve dotlan or past experience, thus enabling you to avoid them in the first place.

I checked your killboard, it’s empty but noticed your corp’s Tayra loss (I’m assuming it’s your alt) and I’m going to assume that this is what you are talking about.

Lets analyse this loss, not to laugh at you or anything but for science and learning.

First of all the fit is really bad, it has a 1mn AB and small shield extenders. If you had googled “tayra fit”, perhaps had checked the Uni Wiki, perhaps asked in help or Rookie chat or had been in an actual corp with actual other players they could have helped you with a better fit. But you chose to do none of those things, that choice meant the fit was atrocious.

However, in this case I very much doubt a better fit would have made a difference because there’s a super high chance you got blapped as you undocked and tried to warp away.

Thing is, you're moving quite valuable cargo, in a pvp sandbox game, where I'm sure you've heard people talk about how dangerous it can be and how much of a shithole Jita can be.

Yet at no point did you THINK about how to deal with this issue, because if you had and thus had used google, or perhaps Uni wiki, asked in rookie or help or asked actual corp members, I’m sure at least one of those would have used the term “undocking bookmark”.

You could have then googled that term, check YouTube on it and learn that making undocking BM’s is vital, especially so in trade hubs, and is REALLY easy to do in Jita.

Had you put in that effort beforehand (thinking, asking, learning, planning and practising) then you would have known how you can undock from Jita pretty much 100% safe, warp to the bookmark and THEN warp to the gate to then get out. And at THAT point a better fit would probably have helped you to survive.

It’s all a case of realising that there ARE things you can do about it and that it is NOT “bad luck” and that it takes active effort, which you have to invest beforehand, to do well in EVE. As long as you keep stating things like “bad luck” and “it happens” then that excuse allows you to not have to learn how to do it better.

You are right …
Yes - that was relay stupid loss :rofl: I’m in such a shame of me now :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: - didn’t had any better transport ship in station and had to move really fast so took what i had without preparations, it was relay stupid to use junk ship to transport space station ( and that’s true fit is awful, usually using Tayra for junk loot transporting) :laughing: Not big deal - It was stupid - and payed for it. BTW ship did blow up while i was un docking from station - I was on loading screen.
My real ship loses are much bigger, I mean war ships. Using more then one account at same time some times are difficult. And accidents Usually it’ happen on worst moments… Go to WC , come back - puff and Your main Carrier is gone and You still need save 2-3 ships at critical HP.
But that’s par of game - ‘‘status quo’’

Now I’m in such a shame You dig up that shameful Tayra :blush::blush::blush:

Well, if you can’t manage to not crap fit a Tayra (which can do the job just fine btw) I’m not really surprised you can’t manage surviving with multiboxing bigger ships.

Risk management takes effort. No effort = lots of “bad luck”.

Hey - I told You - There was 0 preparation, and it’s not big loss any way. I wish no one know about it …
And multi boxing allays take a lot of effort :wink:

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