Shuttle kill - my hero

well this is a “player” with nothing to do, for certain…I was just traveling home in my shuttle…

I wonder if this is actually satisfying - what a loser

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Some people enjoy it it’s ALL they do… Some people also just gank to ruin other’s day. Now you can sit here and talk about it… Or You can get a pvp gang going and kill the 6-8bil Marshal and REALLY get it to him. That’s the beauty of eve.


You’re in lowsec. You expected a free pass?


He was probably hoping for something more exciting when you came along. So, why not? Why shouldn’t he kill you? Why should he give you a free pass?

And I’m not exactly sure why you’re upset about it. Didn’t lose anything of value, just a little bit of your time. Moreover, you might possibly even learn a thing or two from from this. Better to learn hard lessons in cheap ships, than to learn hard lessons in expensive ships.

In fact, care to share with us what you did learn from this?
No P2W


So was this guy

Edit: Just noticed the name, ironic.


I think the most ridiculous thing about this whine is how the bomber helped him get home faster, but he still complains.


All ships are fair game.

The benefit of shuttles is that they are hard to catch and if caught, really easy to replace. But if they manage to catch you warping from gate to gate into a smartbomb then there are things you could have done better.

You could improve your skills and learn not to warp to a gate with possible smartbombs on them, or you could just call the other player ‘a loser’ if that helps vent your anger about the devastating shuttle loss. But the latter won’t stop you from warping into your next smartbomb, so maybe look at other options?

I can say from experience that catching shuttles is pretty satisfying. Not for the value, but for the challenge of catching something bubble immune that can instantly warp away. You should try it for yourself. :wink:


Just sent an EVEmail to the killer informing him about the existence of this thread to share the fun with him as well.






Why do we smartbomb and have ‘‘nothing’’ to do…
well you sit and waist youre time doing missions getting that loot getting them sacks from the LP vento or moving BPOs around…
you come pass Me, Xavier or others like that you will lose that and you will give it to us for free

‘‘well this is a “player” with nothing to do, for certain…I was just traveling home in my shuttle…’’
just because some one dont play like you with all the mission running Koyaan dont mean they dont got nothing to do


I am satisfied.


@ OP: Did you at least say GF in local ? Manners, sir, manners.


Pity the Pod had no implants

I understand your frustration, OP, and I empathize. I’ve been killed in my pod, for no reason other than I was there. Corvettes, Ventures, Covetors, Procurers, Miasmoses and Caracals, too.

It feels pointless when you’re hit while minding your own business, just trying to play the game you want to play. I’ve cussed out my killers before, blocked them, and generally acted like an infant.

Eventually I came to realize gankers and the like provide a challenge. More often than not, NPC gate rats have an intelligence quotient approximate to a paramecium. If they were all I had to worry about, I’d get bored rather quickly, and any ISK I gained would lose its social value.

For many people, a free item means less than something for which they worked. Without an element of significant danger and the effort required to avoid it, EVE becomes an endless and monotonous routine, like those idle “massive number” games.

I appreciate the challenge gankers provide, even though I hate getting killed. There’s often ways to avoid their traps, especially in a light, fast, bubble-immune craft. It’s not always easy to avoid them, but that’s the game–figuring out how to circumvent your threats and continue the game you want to play. On the gankers’ side, their game is to figure out how to catch you.

That may not appeal to you, which is why I say EVE isn’t for everyone. I find sports video games boring and frustrating, so they’re not for me, but I know some people who only play those games. Thankfully we have a free enough market that such variety exists.

Either accept gankers as the challenge they are and learn to avoid or overpower them, or quit. Those are your options. There’s never going to be a scenario in which you’re entirely safe.

I don’t know what you did prior to being ganked, but in case you’re not aware, traveling directly between gates is generally ill-advised. Bounce between planets, stations, and other warp points, using D-scan to see what’s near the gate you want.

If you find a gate is camped by an attack ship, it’s inadvisable to warp through it. If it’s crowded by shuttles and slow haulers, there’s a higher chance it’s more safe. When you do warp through a gate, try to warp through it at an odd angle. That will force gankers to expend more resources trying to cover all sides of a gate.

Inevitably, you’ll get ganked again. In that case, don’t be infantile like I was. Open a chat, congratulate your ganker on a good kill, and perhaps they’ll give you insights on what you could have done better. It’s been my experience most players who kill you won’t do that, but some will.

Most of what I’ve learned in EVE has come about after I’ve died, but I never learned anything by treating being killed as an injustice. There’s nothing in the universe that says life has to be fair, and if anything, it’s less so in EVE, though there is a certain equality to it.

New Eden, in some ways, is like how some of we Americans characterize Australia: “Whether it can or not, everything wants to kill you.” Accept it, and enjoy what you can, while you can. If you can’t tolerate it, press Esc and use the button in the lower right corner.


I do not know what happened but i want to buy the corpse!
3m/corpse contact me!

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Compared to you who is whinning on the forums?

Compared to you who lost fair and square and now wants to discredit the victor, in a PvP game?

What a sore loser you are.


Its all they are capable of? :wink:

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it must be kinda satisfying to see small ships , pods insta explode
i particularly never did it , but they do it all the time in my route home / jita
use a punisher to travel , even on smart bombs they tend to scape half armor

something like that


:disappointed_relieved: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :scream:

Sunesis are good aswell if they might have a fast locker. Able to instawarp, large cargo (if you’re carrying bulky items) and can survive a couple cycles

[Sunesis, Instawarp 1300m3]
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Expanded Cargohold II
Expanded Cargohold II

Medium F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Medium Shield Extender II
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

Improved Cloaking Device II

Small Cargohold Optimization II
Small Cargohold Optimization I
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Hornet EC-300 x8

Obviously won’t help if there are 3+ smartbombers, but one should also be utilizing their ingame resources like Dscan, warping to celestials nearby gates to check, checking the map (Escape pods destroyed in Last Hour, and Ships destroyed in Last Hour)

Then eventually learning and checking offline resources such as zkill or evegatecheck.

  1. There is an excellent gate camp check resource. Definitely worth using.
  2. Never warp blind to a gate that is off dscan

These rules work equally well in LS and NS.

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