MVP Goes to...The Loot Fairy 🧚


When the Loot Fairy :fairy: gives you less than 1% you’ve got to be rethinking your life choices :rofl:

Just Sayin’ :rocket:

*I was in no way involved in said altercation :anger:


RNG is fun when it hits the right people. On an empty Rhea even…


Yeah, it breaks the heart… :broken_heart:

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It could have dropped the cargo, the fitting and the fuel, which makes it 313m ISKs at the most, and because it dropped 63m ISKs is it 20%, and not “less than 1%”.

The ship only is worth 10b ISKs and the kill was done out of pure evilness.

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Evil or just lack of principle? Some kids just don’t know better.


Is this not the same thing?

No. The outcome may be the same but not the intent. I’m not making excuses. I think ganking is as lame as you can get in this game.


Once i spent like few months hunting FW targets in high-sec. Can bet anything my loot chance was about 20-30% at max :smiley: That was pretty long “bad luck strike”…

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Maybe in other games, in EVE its how you say hello :stuck_out_tongue:

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This kill just shows how out ow wrack bumping is, if they can afford to waste that amount of ISK on JF’s and freighters (which they have) then it is too easy and so unbalanced.

I hope that this is burn out by the player involved from this naff and uninteresting baby seal clubbing…

I gave you an example, a very good PvP player that I knew from before was in my alliance recently, he just left because he wanted more people to shoot the example was watching a YF gang of 30 get taken apart by 5 guys, he wanted to do that, the more challenging thing was going after the five guys. And that is Eve…, every body wants in on the baby seal clubbing…

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People buy permits and make donations to CODE. and it’s how it is financed. It’s a player-made problem - or let’s say for some it’s a problem and for others it’s not.

Just the other day was another kill report posted on a freighter gank. You can read about it here. The part, which matters is the player had a permit from CODE. and got ganked by others.

For a psychological study on the phenomenon read here. :popcorn: Ganking someone’s ship just because it’s expensive is EVE’s version of a “sack whack” or “wedgies”.

The people who ganked that Charon are part of Miniluv / CODE as players. If there are some dumb people who fly around thinking that this permit matters then what can I say.

I understand the JF because it is high value and worth the trade as in the killboard, but the point I was making is that they are so rich that they can just do this no sweat. But It is the empty freighter which is more of the issue, and last weekend there was a few of them.

I will keep looking for them I saw a couple which were empty or almost empty and I went WTF! I noticed that they (what I call the CODE group) started to gank anything that moved last weekend. I found that interesting…

The whole thing is stale and boring.

An interesting change is that NCDOT. players have realised the strategic benefit of doing this, especially as many Goon related freighters actually auto pilot. I now wonder how quickly this will change should NCDOT and others in the north start doing it to the same degree.

No more easy prey and lots of hunters around, things going to be very interesting :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

And why should people not shoot at JFs belonging to (alts of) a hostile alliance (or anyone really). This is a game about shooting internet space pixels.

“But but but”, you protest, “shooting stuff in highsec is evil”. Wrong! If CCP did not intend for people to shoot stuff in highsec they could very easily force “safety yellow” in highsec.

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Why would it be either? It’s just playing the game. Not all that different from you with whatever it is you do in the game.

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Naff and uninteresting it may be, but …baby seal clubbing…?

The character was created on 4 January 2014 and possibly sold in September 2014, and lost a jump freighter in highsec. Too lazy to even use an exit cyno.

Baby seals are young, sweet and innocent. This pilot was anything but.

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Its rather ridiculous to what extends these people go to gank. So many alts, so many ships, and just to prove you can gank people, no matter the ship and loot inside.

Yes you can.

They’re only looking to see what responses they can get.

The responses we all know what can be. Do you think they look for schadenfreude? When I heard how evilly they laughed on comms ganking some Orca, I would say even the thought of it makes them giggle. I would say they all have a streak of sadism in personalities. They actually inflict the suffering, not only observe.


Let’s not forget how generations of innocent children played “cowboy & indian”, when the child’s play is based on actual history. And I’m sure today you’ll find kids in sandboxes, who build towers out of sand only to crash planes into them. It’s innocent child’s play and the worst you can do is to make some big deal out of it. Keep smiling. :sun_with_face:

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