What makes EVE feel like a joke of a game to you

For it me is that multi account high sec suicide ganking has become the high sec meta game and common playstyle that new players can participate in against randoms rather than something that is reserved for the affluent and happens rarely to select targets.

Then you have so called “bumping” that puts an enormous damper on the hauling profession and hauling anything in general. I’ve never heard of another game where you needed multiple accounts to do a featured profession. With “bumping” you have an offensive action in HS where the aggressor pays no penalty for preventing you from warping by ramming their ship into you repeatedly while taking no damage, and this “emergent gameplay” forces you to travel around with multiple accounts everywhere you go to deal with it as the remedy to this is just as bizarre. To counter “bumping” you must use another account and use an offensive module (web) on your own afflicted ship to actually allow it to enter warp more quickly, oddly enough. However, just one account may not be enough as your webbing ship may get ganked as well. “Emergent gameplay” seems a lot like undesirable mechanics CCP is unwilling or can’t fix. When you think about what HS freighters are risking and the multiple accounts required to maintain safety for such meager profits in this profession, it hardly seems worth it. It should be enough that haulers have to deal with the constant aggressors in low and null. Additionally, nowhere does the game actually inform you of the differences in CONCORD reaction times, and SGs rely on that for their victims. It seems hard to call that pvp or good for the game.

Not only that but suicide ganking has become a safe space for the worst of gamers. The other day I made a new character and put him in a shuttle on autopilot and within 20 mins of char creation he was grief ganked in HS by someone with multiple accounts.

Not only are these guys victimizing newbs for profit and grief from a lack of game knowledge, but they take no risks to do it since they are always flying cheap disposable ships. I could just as easily been a new player hauling all my worth that I had been saving up for months.

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None of that, only “Fozziesov”

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Those thing are very comical, there are a few things like that I wish to note as well… the joke that autopilot warps to 15km… lol that has to be a bug in the autopilot… I would never buy an autopilot for my spaceship like that.

And the wardec system or lack there of is kinda a joke too.


I’ve always felt that players who join a game, get blown up, then demand the game be changed to suit their needs was the biggest joke in EVE.


When someone bought VNI for 42bil cause he could and didn’t want that anyway.


In order of what I find the most ridiculous:

  • Injectors - Lets throw natural progression out the window shall we? Devs really shot themselves in the foot here in terms of time to collect data and balance accordingly. Screw the actual super cap proliferation that has occurred because of them. We thought it was bad before, now 40 toons training for a month gets you a near perfect titan pilot. Combined with new mining outputs it’s not hard to supply these overnight pilots either.

  • Invulnerability (structure and rorq) - say what?

  • Free tethering - POSes took fuel for a shield, why the hell is this any different?

  • Damage caps - who doesn’t love arbitrary limits? Not to mention the scaling issues these cause as soon as Tidi occurs.

  • Sov wands - blow something up without firing a shot

  • Jump fatigue meta game - rather than a simple cooldown


When I warp to asteroid belt and it looks like a fairy ring and asteroids always regrow during the night.


If I thought the game was a joke I wouldn’t be playing it.


Dibs on stuff btw!


OK, I’ll bite.

Can anyone confirm this? I’m aware this is typically done to hold freighters, but I’ve never seen it effectively done to hold haulers in place. I was under the impression that just about anything smaller than a freighter had the agility to readily break bump tackle.

Meagre profits are a consequence of a profession that is too easy and too safe.

There’s a lot the game doesn’t tell you. There’s also a lot the game does tell you. Adding further information regarding CONCORD response times might be helpful in a system info panel, but it also would attribute towards greater “information overload” that also plagues the game. Sadly, the game’s complexity is it’s own enemy in this regard.

Better to teach them about the risks they take early, when they can easily recover, rather than months down the line when they might lose billions in a single hit.

They’re taking risks, they mitigate them by using the most efficient ship for the job.

You were flying a 20 minute old character, so not likely. Also, after “months” of playing, you’re not a newbie. Also, see my earlier point regarding newbies being better off getting ganked sooner rather than later.


Bumping is a necessary evil, and it’s not used solely against freight haulers. I use this tactic all the time to combat mining bots and multi-boxers. I’ll keep their freighter/Orca/Skiffs bumped for hours if needed until they give up and leave the system.


:astonished: what a time waste.

Not a waste of time at all. Matter of fact, I’ve done that to this one multi-boxer so many times that now when he sees that I’m logged in and in-system, he doesn’t even bother bringing his fleet to the ice anomaly. Mission accomplished.

What makes EvE a joke to me?

CCP’s constant pandering to the anti-PvP players in a PvP game.


There is no profit from banking a newb. It’s more of waiting for your response.

When you get out of high school and experience the real world, your perspective should change…you’ll realize that the world is not centered around what you think. And you’ll realize it’s a game…it’s what you make of it that is important

Waste 10 years every month money, then its free to play. Do i need to say more?


Yeah, it’s a free of consequence, anti warp, tacticial position mechanic, and super easy to do against high sec capital freighters.

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Honestly sounds like you didn’t follow Rule 1 of Eve: “DONT FLY WHAT YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOSE”

Their fair play of the legal game mechanics worked on you, and you Raged and werent playing smart. Undocking is consent to PvP. Working as intended.

And largely intended. A freighter is a capital ship which is suppose to have a support fleet. Its lumbering nature and vulnerability is the drawback for its massive cargo capacity.

Bumping is near useless against pretty much every sub capital ship that is actively piloted, including the complete line of hauling ships. Like many others that don’t really get that much of Eve’s gameplay is centered around giving the player trade-offs to make, the OP is really complaining that he can’t have it all and is forced to make a choice. Freighters are convienent and can move a lot but are more vulnerable and if you don’t like that choose another ship that is less vulnerable but can haul less.

As for ganking, it’s just a game mechanic which add player driven risk to assets in highsec. It is easy to mitigate these risks, and once you understand the factors that make you a profitable target, it is trivial to avoid being one. It’s not a joke - it the competitive game we are all playing. Perhaps some of the factors that go into the risk equation are not readily apparent to a new player, but that lack of perfect knowledge is part of the game.

What I don’t get is why people insist on playing games they don’t like. I mean, I get that sometimes people don’t actually understand that they are playing a full-time PvP game, but once they figure it out like the OP has, why don’t they just move on instead of complaining loudly that the game doesn’t meet their expectations or desires and should therefore change?

Selfishness and a tendency for projection I guess.


you say you got ganked in a shuttle, yet you post a picture of you in a shuttle, and no kill mail.

things just aren’t adding up