What's the Point?

This morning I was happily cruising into Jita in my Sunesis, I got the usual lag spike as I came to the station, a kill notification and a “kill right earned” message popped up. Then something like 8 seconds later I could tell my ship had been blown up. Blown up by someone named “JIiIiIiIiIiL” in a Tornado using 1400mm Prototype Siege Cannons.

I’d post the killmail here but it’s not on zkill for some reason.

My Sunesis had a grand total value of 74 million counting my cargo. Just his hull cost 81,980,000 by the price I see in Jita right now. What’s the point? He had to be able to lock extremely fast and kill me while I was still lagged from incoming traffic.

Yeah, I got a Kill Right but what the hell am I going to bring that can stand up to that kind of firepower that won’t attract all of his buddies too?

Yeah, I know, go away and shut up, grow some ball, licking my tears all that stupid taunting, toxic crap, this is considered good gameplay. You know what? It’s not good gameplay, it’s called ganking which by its very definition is NOT pvp.

I’m not going to scream I’m leaving the game because then that sorry sack of excrement wins. I do however, know of MANY that have left after just such incidents. Several of whom have tried to point out the folly of allowing this behavior to continue only to be shouted down, taunted, and laughed at.

Not too many people can stand being completely helpless as they are blown to bits by someone in a ship 500 times more powerful then theirs just for the pure meanness of it. I’m not sure why I’m not chewing on my keyboard right now, I guess it’s a sad sign that I’ve become so used to bullies in less than two months that I’m numb to it.

What happens when the only players that are left are like this coward? Do you all move on to ruin another game? Oh, you don’t ruin the game itself, you ruin it for the other players. I guess that’s the point?

Eve is not the game for you…

  • blamed lag
  • didn’t use custom BMs
  • probably didn’t warp to zero
  • broke the 6xEHP rule (without KBz this is a guess)
  • cries about ganking
  • plays the “everyone is leaving” card
  • Uses trigger words like “bullies” and “cowards”

And the #1 problem is…

…not once do you say YOU did anything wrong. You just played the victim card.

The X4 game might be more for you…give that a try…no humans to deal with at least…


Did you use an instadock warp point?

Dear newbros,

Do yourself a favor, have the exact opposite of OP’s attitude.


You can post your lossmail on zKB manually.

Sounds like a terminal case of autopiloting and/or not warping to insta-dock bookmark.

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Welcome to EVE!


If someone is willing to lose a big, expensive ship to destroy a small, cheaper ship – and lose tens of millions of ISK in the process – I’m not sure there is or should be a way to stop them.

Look at it this way: You used a 100 million ISK destroyer (hull + cargo) to destroy a 150 million ISK battlecruiser. You’re a stud!


You’re not a glass is half full or half empty type guy: You’re just happy to have a glass.

And for that, I salute you o7


Well considering there are close to 2000 players in the system at any given time with countless ships docking and undocking, LAG is going to happen. I didn’t blame lag, it’s a fact of life in Jita, period.

There is NOTHING I could have done to prevent being blown to bits.

I didn’t cry about Ganking, that’s what it was. Right now CCP and many players consider that legitimate play. I don’t.

I didn’t say everyone was leaving, I said I knew people that had left, that they had tried to express concern and that people like you drowned out completely.

I have NO idea what you mean by 6xEHP rule or without KBz, never heard either term mentioned.

I’m tempted to say that I didn’t need to take a bowel movement but I’m sure the humor would be lost on you. I never stay in Jita longer than is absolutely necessary.

I didn’t play the victim card, I did not do anything wrong unless you mean player “your” game.

Bullies and cowards is “are my personal” words for players like the one that blew up my ship. I’m seriously doubt it hurt his feeling.

As for go away and play another game, I would gladly do so if there were one that provided some of the things I like in Eve.

As for dealing with people, I’ve met some really cool people in Eve but I’ve also met some of the worst specimens of humanity of my life while playing Eve.

The #1 problem is you drowning out anything someone else has to say.

I asked a question that YOU DID NOT answer. What’s the point of this type behavior? It’s akin to killing a cockroach with a 12-gauge shotgun. So what is the point? How does this increase your pleasure in playing Eve? Hah, hah, I just destroyed another clueless noob…

You know what? I don’t know how to do that.

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I took the time to look you up on zkill.

How is the situation you describe in this post, in any manner different, to the casual observer, from the capsule kill that is credited to you? In that kill you used a gnosis.

Capsules cannot mount weapons, nor carry cargo, a sunesis can do both.

I haven’t the faintest idea what an insta-dock is. Or how it would have helped when some can lock and kill as fast as this guy did.

I did that as a favor for someone else. The Capsule was flashy read. I’m not big on kicking little kids at the daycare which is what it felt like. But the pilot of that capsule had just done something to someone I’d known for 10 minutes and he asked me to blow it up, so I did. Did you also notice that’s the only one?

LOL I choose to say it is Half a glass of water.

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There are many reasons…my guess is they accidentally thought you were going to be worth more than you were ie the estimated value of your cargo was overstated. The point probably was that in the end, they thought they would make a bit of ISK…sounds like they didn’t…

And it’s not about pleasure either except for some CODE agents.

You put the BM out of their range…insta-blappy ships tend to have short ranges…

It is your only item listed on zkill, and to the casual observer such as myself. That single kill makes you look like the “bully”.

Glass houses and stones come to mind here.

I can understand your frustration, if you are new, and don’t know about instadock bookmarks.

But, to the casual observer, you look like a hypocrite posting this thread coupled with that publically posted capsule kill on zkill.

How do we know the tornado shooter was not avenging his friend in the capsule? Just like you were avenging your friend by shooting the capsule.

This is Eve. You will lose ships in all sorts of ways, and not always when you expect it.

As @Piotr_Leusten said, look at it this way - you won the ISK war! You, and your pals at CONCORD defeated his ship and he lost more than you.

Why did he did he start a fight with you when it was clearly a no win situation for him? Who knows (you could ask him?) but maybe he was bored, shot the wrong target, or just was playing the odds and shooting ships without scanning them first. Whatever the reason, that is Eve and if you are will to pay the consequence, you can shoot anyone everywhere.

There is a lot you can do to prevent losing a ship to pirates or vandals, but I won’t give you that advice unless you ask. I think all the issue here is you need to view the game and the risk from the right perspective and take this as a learning experience. So much of the great things about Eve are enable by this freedom to interact, and that means you might get exploded, sometimes in highsec, and sometimes even for no reason. Follow the Golden Rules and you’ll be fine - you really only risk what you undock so the trick to a long and healthy Eve career is to only risk what you can shrug off so when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just make a mistake, it doesn’t hurt. Explosions are good and pretty, and in a PvP game it can’t always be the other guy exploding.

Trust me, Eve without any risk would be a terribly boring game, one you would tire of in months. Plus the greatest thing about this game - the shared economy - wouldn’t be viable, at least not without a bunch of other changes which would make highseccers sad like ganking sometimes does. So a highsec with pirates is what we get, and the best thing to due is just learn the simple behaviours that will minimize the small risk you are at from them.


He very well might have been avenging him. I’m saying he was very skilled. When I left the station in my new ship :), I looked at the Overview. I have no idea how you would every find a specific player in all of that chaos to target, lock, and kill. I guess he could have had an overview set to only sunesis.

Oh, I wasn’t avenging a friend. I didn’t even know the guy (well I’d known him for 10 minutes or so), just didn’t like the way he’d been treated so when he asked I did it. I expect if you look at the difficult name to type that got me, he has pages of kills.

The parts of Eve that I like are parts that PvPers generally find mind-numbingly boring. Mining and building stuff.

As for only undocking what I can afford to lose, when I undocked in Jita in my Newly fitted ship, that guy was still flying around in his pod. Not sure why but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.