Impass, who's gonna settle the region?

(Tiddle Jr) #1

Wondering of further waves of inhabitants settled the region. PF or ExLegacy, any thoughts?

(Gregorius Goldstein) #2

I realy hope the CO2 guys realize that they are still thousands of players that could just stay in Impass. The Alliance may be in trouble, but the Corps still have their leaders.

(Ivory Harcourt) #3

Should be Legacy guys (TEST or Brave).

(Samael14) #4

We can make Impass great again , And Co2 will pay for it :rofl:

(Beachura) #5

One could say: The region is at an… impasse :wink:

(Ryder 'ook) #6

The guys toasting it first and holding it afterwards?

Just guessing ofc.

Or was that a trick question?

(Tiddle Jr) #7

Nah, just wonder if there is the biggest blue🍩 grew up soon.

(system) #8

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