Second NullSec Story

Panfam & Winterco Success to Down B2 Collection & Kicked Them From The North

Next A Lot of Conversation About Peace but the 3 Part Failed To Get Solution and Failed To Be Aggree.

B2 Coalition Folded & Alliances Merged In The Imperium Coalition and Moved out From North.

B2 Coalition We can told the Have Make Great Work Due Small Coalition efford The Fight Vs The 2 Biggest Coalition’s in the Game For Around 2 Years. Not Any Coalition Or Any Alliance can do that or efford that.

The Intiative Alliance Not Part Of Any Coalition But Friend Of the imperium Coalition. So Weired

The Initiative Alliance Support the Imperium Coalition in many Fights & Sometime run from the Fight but not Form the Right Number like they told We are with you but not forget us.

We Have Some Question To Asher (The Owner of The imperium) We Will Be happy if we get answer From him For Public:

Why Neutral Space Decided In Those Regions & not in another Regions ? (Near The Imperium Space)

Why Refuse Rent Space When Panfam and winterco Getting More Region & Rent Them For SRP their Number and Take The Fight VS The Imperium ?

Why You Told Your Members Panfam and WinterCo Coming For Content When Your Coalition Loss 3.5 Regions (Fade-Pure Blind- Deklein-CloudRing) ?

Why The Imperium Coalition Stay Told Panfam & Winterco Coming For Content When they Have Success To Owned Staging in catch Region ?

Why The Imperium Coalition Leave Dracarys Alone or Send Small number of 200 or 300 player’s ?

(When The Imperium Can Form 3000 or 4000 player’s and Win the War in Catch Region)

More than 10 years the Imperium in War to Any time Will Stay Loss Regions ?

Like We Know The First Coalition Destroyed.

Maybe TEST Alliance Will WakeUp By Winterco For 1DQ eviction.

Let’s See Together What Will Happen In This is Game.

Full Thanks & Respect To Ashar & Noraus & Gobbin.

About They Give Good Content In This is Game.

Wait The Third Nullsec Story.

We Will Be Happy If Ashar Reply To Our Public Question

Thank You Very Much.

I Also Really Hope That Maybe Dinasaur Will Wake Up.

Am Wait Patiently The Third Nullsec Story.

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Ok, fine, if you want to rent - its 5 billion per moon.

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And trusting bloc deals is laughable at best. They can die on whims.

And best not be late with payment. the bash fleet can be planned no payment on time real fast… Snuffed did that recently iirc. They don’t do the check is in the mail. Many don’t.

Lol, that wasn’t even a war. It was dull, it was boring, it was uninspired, but it wasn’t a war. At best it was a play of reinforcement timers across mismatched timezones and a gratuitous invasion to create more renter space for the greater glory of PanFam & Co. Bob knows they need it.

To finish OP’s views, it went so well in the North that WinterPan decided to pull out and are moving south, to pester some more small groups and create more … renter space.

What 1DQ eviction ?! The Imperium was never evicted from 1DQ, lmao.

Isn’t TEST extinct?

There’s remnants. I saw four in a fleet on Saturday. Last night I saw one in a Loki roaming in Fountain. But their activity levels don’t seem to be anywhere near their old “presence”. WWB2 didn’t go all that well for them and their management, I suppose.

This is Eve Trust Not Easy

No i mean maybe winterco planing for wakeup test alliance for new war like the old war is take around 8 years

Alliance kick you from your space isn"t war !!!

No Winterco is trying to wakeeup test alliance first time they leave them life with them in their space when they start get number winterco give space to test alliance in vale of silent region.

now next B2 coalition folded they give them around 19 system in deklein region

An alliance kicking renters from their space is indeed not a war, it’s slum lord privilege.

Just fmi, how much will the rent be ?

iam not know they rent for them or sell for them but they are allies

B2 coalition is Not Renter XD

Oh, in that case, well, … if taking sov from another group is not a “war”, then what is ? Is it only a “war” when someone pays CCP wardec fees ? Did FRT pay wardec fees for WWB2, is that what you are saying ? Did The Imperium pay wardec fees for WWB2 ?
That’s some strange notion of “war” you have there. Almost as strange as suggesting that The Imperium lost sov in 1DQ during WWB2.

Although being anything but a sympathizer of TEST’s choices in the last 4 years, it would be kind of sad to see a group with meaningful presence in the game, like TEST had, living on benefits granted by FRT&Co or PH. Somehow your words “give them systems” don’t sit well with me. They deserve better, and hope they achieve at least some of their former reputation, not being an extra appendage and such or worse, become a renter. Either that or simply become a cherished memory to those who flew with them and fought them, ending their story.

of course we hope that :slightly_smiling_face:

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