First Story About NullSec :

TRC coalition Founded in Providence (PHEW-ARTON-SAS-ADS…etc)

***Panfam *** & Winterco (2 War friends) they not loved that :

Reason 1 : They not want any coalition to be formed in neutral Space for they stay get alliances life there us a content for them.

Reason 2: They want to Stay the Seul 2 Big Coalitions and have the Power

Reason 3: they Worry from new Coalition Formed and Give content Better Than them and they Loss Number and Power

For That Winterco they send BIGAB =Deepwater hooligan to down TRC coalition Without Appear in The Story for they told neutral space is not our work and we are in war VS The imperium (Prestige) WC not Success to down TRC coalition but BIGAB they success they down TRC coalition And that What WC coalition want the world Know for stay away from Story

At that Time the 2 executor from old time they aggree to not be Aggree (PH and Goons) :

they Aggree about Down Fire Coalition And Kick them From South WIthout any Fair Reason

Next RED alliance jumped to catch region and the fight started between Russian in SAS alliance and in Red alliance without any person know the real Reason.

Russian in SAS alliance success many time to Kill Red alliance Fleets

SAS Alliiance (Who Dares Wins.) alliance they talk to CVA to come back in providence next they kicked from the Region .

SAS Alliiance helped very much Sons of Sylph Alliance and Gooseflock Featheration Alliance to get Space in providence

The Executor OF Red Alliance FULL FORCE about CVA Alliance and Geese Alliance and Linknet Alliance and Sons of Sylph Alliance to Help Him To kick SAS Alliance from providence and of course they accept that .

SAS Alliance they Bring The Russia Alliance to life With them and help them to defend about Space.

The Executor of Red Alliance not loved the story of he not success to down SAS Alliance and The Russia alliance fleets and He paid 200 Billion to **Snuff out Alliance ** to kick SAS Alliance from Providence of course Snuff success to kick SAS from providence But the reallity Red Alliance not success to kick SAS Alliance but Snuff out Alliance they success

Next that The Executor of Red Alliance another time Paid a lot of isk for make video in youtube for Prestige

Next that he bring Linknet Alliance and he give them the Space of SAS Alliance

Next CVA and Linknet have Space in providence Red alliance want to join all them to RMC (New Coalition in provi) and he give all power and new members to linknet and CVA for the eyes not be on him due he is like person in jail kicked from south and aggrement up and the eyes on him for that he decide to be in the new coalition will reformed in provi

the reallity not that his plan is he want to get the number and the power for he reform Fire coalition and return in south next aggrement end

Next Desolate alliance coming in providence and kicked Geese Alliance

RED Alliance Executor (Dodger) helped Geese to get space in catch region he talk to Dracarys for They kick the very well hung alliance from catch and give their space to Geese Alliance

in the half of the fight the very well hung executor accept leaving his alliance space to Geese Alliance under under Selling aggrement By Dracarys.

We Return to Winterco Coalition :

WC Coalition their Dream is they Get Pure Blind Region they have around one year in fight VS BRAVE and volta and Brotherhood space alliances about that Region.

when they see their self can’t doing that they contact their war friend Panfam coalition and they paid big lot of isk to Panfam for they Assist them in war in Pure Blind

at that time WC Coalition they Loss the Very Experienced and The Expert FC and The Fitting Manager and System Mapper : BJK

Wait the Second Story about Nullsec
Thank You Very Much

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