Null Alliance Management & Direction

Maybe I have been unlucky, but on three lengthy stays in Null we cannot help but feel that the quality of management in Null Alliances is very poor.

Apart from Sov wars, which is not a problem and part of life in Null, why is it that most, despite all the recruitment promises, never follow up? They leave you in the dark, never give updates on what’s going on, random/unpredicted changes in Offices/Ship or fleet doctrines, CTA’S at 03:00 which are often mandatory despite the promise to respect RL? I could go on but you get my drift. In RL it would be put down to schoolkids playground management!

As I say, maybe I’ve just been unlucky…please point me to a really well managed and STABLE alliance…Please!

Large sov blocs tend to be very cliquey at the top level. By the time the information filters down to the CEOs and corp level FCs there not much left. I abandoned Sov alliances a while back and it was the best decision I ever made for myself and for my corp. We at Sinister. understand that the current stalemate of Sov and Nullsec is really bad for the game at large. Huge powerblocs lording it up and creating the largest blue donut known to the game is just so… boring. We do out part to destabilise it and there are other corps like us around. We are in on the ground level of something big I’m hoping the movement of pvpers from complacent and fat sov holding blocs will continue to flow our way.

There are huge advantages for us at this time of course. The nullbears that reside in these huge alliances and coalitions are growing rich from their havens and hubs. They are ripe for the picking. How could we resist the tempting and low hanging fruits of faction fit AFK VNIs and X-Type ratting carriers.

Maybe it is not an alliance you require. Maybe it’s some friends to play the game with, to coordinate with, and build with. Not a bunch of guys in smoky back rooms treating you like a mushroom (keeping you in the dark and feeding you shit)

“Cliquey” is the right word and certainly at Corp/Corp FC you are treated like a mushroom! Like you we have withdrawn from Sov Alliances and will keep it that way until we see the current situation in Null change!

That might be a long wait given the undue influence the Sov Null Blocs have over CCP!

The nullbears you talk about are still the biggest shipblowers that keep the economy spinning.

0.0 has rarelly been in full war mode during EvE history. But even in peace time, these blocs contain the huge majority of the hardcore pvpers in the game and the biggest coalitions have fleet forming up everytime of the day to go fight somewhere in New Eden and that’s not even taking into account their members doing solo or small gang pvping and providing content to their opponents with their farming alts.

To OP, I don’t have the answer to your question. Some alliance are missmanaged, some are well managed. I’d take contact with diplomats and discuss terms until you find a good place somewhere (and I hope you do).
You don’t have to go for the biggest but look for the most effective and those who last.

I will keep trying, I like the game after all. However I can’t help but believe that whilst the Nullbears are the biggest shipblowers and keep the economy spinning, somehow the current Null structure is what is inhibiting the growth of new pilots overall and new pilots into Null in particular?

Now if my corp could recruit 1000 new players, get 100Bil in their wallet and form a new alliance…maybe just…???

See, EvE is just a social experiment in which the rules are CCP’s EULA. The state of 0.0 is always going to be what it is because of human nature.

What I mean is it’s pointless to complain about what null sec look like. If you don’t like it, it’s up to you try and shake it. EvE gives you all the tools for that. Build a corp, recruit, start an alliance and declare war.

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